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Club Jade is a group of (mostly) female fans who love Star Wars and other things of that nature. So we blog about them.
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Video: J.J. Abrams broke his back on The Force Awakens set
The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams was on The Daily Show last night – technically to promote Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which he produced – but he did tell a story from the Star Wars set. Turns out, Harrison Ford wasn’t the only one injured in the door incident… And Abrams has a pretty good […]

Spoilerphobes beware: Today’s The Force Awakens drops
For today’s The Force Awakens leaks and rumors, we have a look at Ken Leung’s character – who may have a very blurry appearance in the SDCC behind-the-scenes video – at Star Wars 7 News. Making Star Wars has another shot of his costume, plus another actor we haven’t heard much about. And yet another […]

Rumor: Three Star Wars live-action shows for Netflix?
Today’s hottest Star Wars rumor comes from Cinelinx, where Jordan Maison says he’s heard that there’s still movement happening on live-action TV – and not just one series, but three. It’s not a shock that Lucasfilm would follow in the footsteps of corporate stepsibling Marvel, who debuted Daredevil, the first of four limited series, on […]

The Force Awakens: Special effects, sets, names and…toy packaging?
Despite a hefty amount of fan grumbling over the focus on ‘practical effects’ coming out of The Force Awakens publicity machine, I doubt anyone actually believes that the film isn’t going to have any CGI. (And, let’s face it, us hardcore fans aren’t the audience that they’re going for by saying that in the first […]

The Force Awakens: Managing box office expectations
Before you start going off about how fast The Force Awakens is going to beat Jurassic World‘s box office record (yawn) be sure to listen to the latest Full of Sith. Predictive box office talk is usually beyond tedious, but there’s a lot of smart thinking here on summer movies vs. winter movies, how little […]

Out this week: Star Wars #7, plus another record for Marvel?
This Wednesday brings Star Wars #7 (preview,) a bridge issue which focuses on Obi-wan during his time on Tatooine. In related news, the first collected edition of the new Marvel titles is also a record-breaker – Marvel is expecting to sell more than 200K copies of Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes, reports. It’s […]

3-day tickets for next Celebration already sold out
We’re just under a year away from the start of the third Celebration Europe, and 3-Day Adult tickets for the convention are already sold out. It will be held at London’s ExCeL Center on July 15-17 in 2016. Celebration Anaheim in April, the first Celebration to sell out most badges, was attended by about 60K […]

Sherlock’s Jonathan Aris has a part in Rogue One
Jonathan Aris (Sherlock, The Game) has a part in Rogue One, the BBC’s Lizo Mzimba reported today. Aris will be playing Senator Jebel, according to his page on Spotlight. (The Rogue One listing has since been removed.)

Spoilerphobes beware: New The Force Awakens summary on the scene
For those going full spoiler, here’s a new wrinkle: TheForce.Net has a new summary of The Force Awakens, which seemingly claims to be from someone who’s read the novelization. (Seemingly.) It overlaps with some of what we’ve heard from the Making Star Wars camp, but there are some pretty key differences. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? […]

And also with you: Best #StarWars and #TheForceAwakens tweets for July 8-21
These past few weeks, we’ve has SDCC (in real time) several reveals, and our first Episode VIII casting rumor. Plus, Slave Leia! Again! We really need a movie soon, guys. Now that #SDCC is over, my life is basically just a torturous countdown to #StarWars. — Rachel Heine (@RachelHeine) July 14, 2015 #StarWars is about […]


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Comment Author Gloink6767 / Jan 4, 2009
Club Jade is my first stop for Star Wars news. Also read a lot of the Star Wars fanfic there. Lots of great stuff.

Comment Author robertmackivie / May 9, 2009
Good one to highlight. updates often.

Comment Author wookiee_cookiee / Jun 2, 2009
Great site! I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.



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