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Club Jade is a group of (mostly) female fans who love Star Wars and other things of that nature. So we blog about them.
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Just what Rebels needs–more helmets join the party in‘Imperial Supercommandos’
It’s time for Mandalorians (and mothers?) on Rebels in Saturday’s ‘Imperial Supercommandos.’ Check out more images behind the cut. Rebels airs Saturday evenings (8:30 p.m. ET/P) on Disney XD.

Hey, doubters: Let’s give the Han Solo movie a chance
Well, of course the Han Solo movie is rumored to be about Han winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. Of course. It’s only the most iconic Han and Lando story, the bare outline direct from The Empire Strikes Back. That said, the rumor does come from a tweet by The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, […]

Out this week: Star Wars Propaganda
We’ve got an interesting item out Tuesday: Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy. The book is written from an in-universe perspective and features brand-new artwork, including “ten removable art prints.” On Wednesday we have Star Wars #24, Poe Dameron #7 and volume 1 of the Legends collection of […]

Rebels Recon: The Last Battle
The Clone War has one last go in ‘The Last Battle.’ Andi follows up with Dee Bradley Baker, Henry Gilroy, Pablo Hidalgo, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Taylor Gray about the episode, and Pablo answers a question about the Ahsoka novel.

It’s official: Donald Glover is the new Lando Calrissian
Lucasfilm has announced that Donald Glover will be playing the young Lando Calrissian in 2018’s Han Solo standalone. says the film will “depicts Lando in his formative years as a scoundrel on the rise in the galaxy’s underworld.” Glover joins Alden Ehrenreich as Han. “We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as […]

Ahsoka hits #1 on NYT Bestsellers list
E.K. Johnston’s novel Ahsoka has made it to #1 on the New York Times’ Bestsellers list for Young Adult hardcovers, per Lucasfilm’s Jennifer Heddle. The October 30th list isn’t online yet, but Ashley Eckstein has a shot of the print version. This is far from the first Star Wars novel to make it to #1 […]

Meet the Ersos and Orson Krennic in first Catalyst excerpt
USA Today has our first excerpt of the Rogue One tie-in novel Catalyst. The article also contains a few insights from Pablo Hidalgo about the inspirations Lucasfilm drew from for the film. Here’s one: “It’s no accident that we’ve taken a look at the Manhattan project and what was happening at Los Alamos laboratories during […]

Video: Doug Chiang talks concept art on The Star Wars Show
There’s a great interview with Doug Chiang on the latest Star Wars show, where he talks about learning from Ralph McQuarrie and working on Rogue One. There’s also another J.J. Abrams commentary preview, Rogue One trailer reactions, and some Battlefront stuff.

Daisy Ridley on meeting with Rogue One’s Felicity Jones
Embed from Getty Images Daisy Ridley is on the red carpet again, this time for the documentary The Eagle Huntress, which she narrates and executive produced. Yahoo asked her about Rogue One’s Felicity Jones, and she revealed a bit of what they’ve discussed. And yeah, she deflects that whole tired ‘could Jyn be Rey’s mom?!?’ […]

How a suggestion from Ava DuVernay helped The Force Awakens
We’ve got two more The Force Awakens commentary track previews today. In the first, at Yahoo, J.J. Abrams reveals that it was a suggestion from Selma director Ava DuVernay that lead to a key shot during Rey and Kylo’s duel. The second, at IGN, is about how Rey and Finn’s initial meeting changed.


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Comment Author Gloink6767 / Jan 4, 2009
Club Jade is my first stop for Star Wars news. Also read a lot of the Star Wars fanfic there. Lots of great stuff.

Comment Author robertmackivie / May 9, 2009
Good one to highlight. updates often.

Comment Author wookiee_cookiee / Jun 2, 2009
Great site! I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.



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