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Club Jade is a group of (mostly) female fans who love Star Wars and other things of that nature. So we blog about them.
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Jurassic Darth: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for September 12-30
Seems legit! Onward! It just occurred to me that these are the four main types of Rebel Alliance ships. MIND BLOWN. #MTFBWY — Gary Whitta (@garywhitta) September 25, 2014 We all want to think we're Luke Skywalker, but most of us are actually the "stay on target" guy who slammed into the trench. — […]

Rumor: Daisy Ridley’s character is living in what?
Making Star Wars has some description of what (and possibly where) Daisy Ridley’s character is living in. It does explain a thing we saw in Dubai, but it doesn’t exactly help the theory that the character is a Solo…

USA Today has a new clip from Rebels
USA Today has a new clip from Rebels. Kanan and the Inquisitor battle it out, and Dave Filoni hints “it would be a shame” to not have Darth Vader show up.

Today in Episode VII: A fresh bunch of shady rumors, Oscar Isaac already wrapped
→ Some iffy details on a possible scene involving Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and a couple of old timers from – where else – the Star Wars 7 News message board. → On that note, last night saw a highly unconvincing ‘leak’ of supposed ‘dailies’ from Ireland on Youtube. The video and the account that […]

Book review: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe is a fun primer on the franchise
Chris Taylor’s How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, out today, is one of those rare nonfiction books not fully authorized by Lucasfilm. An independent biography of the franchise, it covers from George Lucas’ own upbringing and influences to just post-Disney. Curious? Read the first chapter at Mashable right now. It’s also a pretty great read. […]

A woman directing Star Wars?
A woman directing Star Wars? Empire looks at Hollywood’s current landscape for female directors and blockbusters.

Joe Quesada’s variant cover for Marvel’s Star Wars #1
Joe Quesada’s variant cover for Marvel’s Star Wars #1. The first fruit of the new contract, the issue will drop in January, with Darth Vader #1 and Princess Leia #1 following in February and March, respectively.

Rumor: New spin on the‘search’for Luke?
Rumor: A different spin on the ‘search’ for Luke Skywalker? Alrighty then.

Radio silence: John Boyega deletes his Twitter, too
Daisy Ridley deleted hers this weekend, and now costar (and the cast’s most prolific Tweeter) John Boyega has joined in. His Instagram remains up – for the moment. Cue the conspiracy theories…

Out this week: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, Son of Dathomir collected
It’s been a while, but this week brings us two trades from Dark Horse, and one new unauthorized nonfiction book looking at the franchise as a whole. Chris Taylor’s How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, out Tuesday, is touted as ‘the first comprehensive history of the Star Wars phenomenon.’ I may be a tad biased, […]


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Comment Author Gloink6767 / Jan 4, 2009
Club Jade is my first stop for Star Wars news. Also read a lot of the Star Wars fanfic there. Lots of great stuff.

Comment Author robertmackivie / May 9, 2009
Good one to highlight. updates often.

Comment Author wookiee_cookiee / Jun 2, 2009
Great site! I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.



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