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Club Jade is a group of (mostly) female fans who love Star Wars and other things of that nature. So we blog about them.
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The Star Wars Show reveals Kylo’s new ride for The Last Jedi
The Star Wars Show gives us our first official look at Kylo Ren’s new ship from The Last Jedi, the TIE Silencer. This week’s show also features Andi’s interviews with Rian Johnson and the cast at D23 Expo, plus looks at the con’s Disney Park reveals and more. The ship has a Databank page …

Rogue One has arrived on Netflix
As of yesterday, Rogue One became the first Star Wars movie on (American) Netflix. Don’t stream it all at once, kids.

Hyperspacing with Ron Howard
Another Han Solo set shot from Ron Howard! Note Donald Glover on the monitor (again.) Note we saw a similar setup in action – from the other side, presumably – on the set of Rogue One:

Ron Howard shares a (very tiny) image of Donald Glover’s Lando
Ron Howard shares another somewhat revealing shot from the Han Solo film – this time with an image of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian on his monitor.

Analysis: The Last Jedi behind-the scenes reel
It took me a few days, but here are some thoughts on The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes reel we got at D23 Expo on Saturday. Head below the cut and go to the gallery. Note, there are a few references and links to rumors/possible spoilers within! Also, irreverence. But if that bothers you, man are you …

Ron Howard tweets pic of Chewbacca on set
Another Twitter snap by new Hanthlogy director Ron Howard shows us Chewbacca – and a brief, fuzzy look at two Wookiees having a moment. Will we be seeing Chewie’s family on screen, for the first time since the Holiday Special? Or, given that Chewbacca himself is behind the camera, two new Wookiees entirely? Chewbacca’s wife, …

Out this week: Darth Maul, Poe Dameron, latest Insider
Two comics and a brand-new Insider are heading to the shelves on Wednesday, July 19. Darth Maul #5 ends the latest miniseries, while Poe Dameron #17 takes Black Squadron back into action. Star Wars Insider #174 jumps in with a Finn feature.

D23: Star Wars lands officially named Galaxy’s Edge; Themed resort coming to Disney World
Disney Parks announced that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the official name for the twin lands that will be coming to Disneyland and Disney World. We know we’ll all keep calling it Star Wars land regardless, but hey: They’re trying. We learned more about the park’s two rides, including concept art. And although we don’t …

D23: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes video, new character posters
It’s here! The behind-the-scenes reel for The Last Jedi gives us a peek at the production, and a LOT of new things, or at least, things we’ve heard about… We’re also getting posters! Leia, Rey, Finn, Poe, Luke and Kylo. The video was the Star Wars highlight, but the panel did include some very heavy …

D23 offers detailed look at upcoming Star Wars lands
Debuting last night at Disney’s D23 Expo is our first up close and personal look at the model for the upcoming Star Wars land coming in 2019 to both U.S. parks. The land’s setting will be a brand-new planet, “a remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space.” It will debut …


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Comment Author Gloink6767 / Jan 4, 2009
Club Jade is my first stop for Star Wars news. Also read a lot of the Star Wars fanfic there. Lots of great stuff.

Comment Author robertmackivie / May 9, 2009
Good one to highlight. updates often.

Comment Author wookiee_cookiee / Jun 2, 2009
Great site! I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.



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