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Geeks of Doom maintains the goal of bringing geeky entertainment news and features to the masses and to create a haven where the independent geek could voice his/her opinion. There's tons of Star Wars geek news!
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TV Review: The Walking Dead 8.8 “How It’s Gotta Be”

The Walking Dead-episode 8.8 review

The Walking Dead
Episode 8.8 "How It's Gotta Be" (Mid-Season Finale)
Directed by Michael E. Satrazemis
Written by David Leslie Johnson& Angela Kang
Starring Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Christian Serratos, Tom Payne, Khary Payton, Austin Amelio, Alanna Masterson, Katelyn Nacon, Steven Ogg, Pollyanna McIntosh
Air Date: Sunday, December 10, 2017

Warning – SPOILERS for AMC's The Walking Dead...

On last week’sThe Walking Dead, Eugene had some tough choices to make whether to stay loyal to Negan or to reveal that Dwight is the mole; Tara, Daryl, and Morgan decided to deviate from Rick and his allies’ plan to take down Negan and the Saviors; Rick actually managed to finally get Jadis and the Scavengers to join their fight against Negan. Unfortunately, when they rolled up on the Sanctuary, Rick’s plan was not in motion; instead, the walkers surrounding the place were gone and so were the snipers. It was bad, and Rick was understandably shaken.

On this week’s episode, 8.8 "How It's Gotta Be," it gets worse. It really does. Not only has Rick's plan gone south, but a beloved character is going to die. Since this is the mid-season finale, you know there's going to be pain, suffering, and death [...]

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The Drill Down 504: Crypto-Cat-astrophe

Drill Down

On this week's Drill Down podcast,Net Neutralitymay have a fighting chance,Facebookfor kids, cryptocurrency in the news,Teslapowers Australia and goes to Mars... and much, much more [...]

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The Game Awards 2017: Next Project From ‘Dark Souls’ Developer FromSoftware Teased

Dark Souls Developer FromSoftware Game Tease

The next game from the developer of theDark Soulsseries andBloodborne,FromSoftware, was teased at The Game Awards 2017.

The teaser is a brief video. And when I say teaser I do very much mean it. It's only 20-something seconds long, and shows one thing. It's a disturbing thing, of that there is no doubt. But still, only one thing. That thing is then followed by a few words, which is of course enough to get folks speculating.

Head on below to check out the video [...]

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Movie Review: The Disaster Artist

Movie Review: The Disaster Artist, starring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

The Disaster Artist
Director: James Franco
Screenwriter: Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber
Cast: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Ari Graynor, Josh Hutcherson, Jacki Weaver
Distributor: A24| Warner Bros.
Rated R| 105 Minutes
Release Date: December 8, 2017

"Everybody betrayed me! I'm fed up with this world!"

In 2003, an aspiring actor and filmmaker became a cultural phenomenon with one of the worst movies ever made —The Room, a torrid melodrama about a love triangle between a banker, his deceptive fiancée, and his conflicted best friend. The film was written, directed, and produced byTommy Wiseau, an enigmatic outsider with dyed-black hair and an impenetrable foreign accent who also stars as the lead, Johnny.

Hollywood's curiosity in the independent film was piqued when Wiseau erected a billboard to promote his six million dollar passion project, promising a drama on the level of Tennessee Williams'A Streetcar Named Desire. Now, the unbelievable true story behindThe Room— often referred to as "The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies" — is chronicled in a movie-about-a-movie directed byJames Franco, who also stars as Wiseau [...]

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The Game Awards 2017: New Trailer For Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’ Starring Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding

Another trailer forHideo Kojima'sDeath Strandingwas shown during The Game Awards 2017 and, just like thefirst trailerfeaturingThe Walking Dead'sNorman Reedusand thesecond trailerfromlast year's Game AwardsfeaturingGuillermo del ToroandMads Mikkelsen, it's a real mindf'er.

The trailer once again features Reedus, as well as another baby (or perhaps the same baby!), terrifying giant ghostly beings, and much more to hurt your brain and leave you dumbfounded yet unbearably excited for whatever the shit this game is going to end up being.

Click on over to the other side to check out the latest trailer forDeath Stranding[...]

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The Game Awards 2017: First Trailer For ‘Firewatch’ Developer’s ‘In The Valley Of Gods’

In the Valley of Gods

The Game Awards 2017 is taking place this evening, and one of the new game trailer that was shown was forIn the Valley of Gods, the latest fromFirewatchdeveloper Campo Santo.

The game is another single-player first-person game, in which you'll explore an ancient valley in the Egyptian desert looking for treasures and such, Indiana Jones style.

Continue below for a little more information and to check out the announcement trailer [...]

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Watch Now: First Trailer For ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Aswe were promised, the first trailer for the sequel toJurassic World, titledJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, has been released.

The movie is set four years after the events of the previous movie, and once again starsBryce Dallas HowardandChris Pratt. Directing isJ.A. Bayona(A Monster Calls, The Orphanage).

Continue below to read a full synopsis and watch the trailer [...]

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Yes, Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Movie Is R-Rated

Star Trek Logo CBS

Oh, you didn't thinkQuentin Tarantinopitching an ideafor a newStar Trekmovie toJ.J. Abramsthat he might end up directing couldn't get any stranger? Sit with me for a moment, my friends. Here, I made you some nice cocoa. Marshmallows are there on the table if you like. Careful now, it's a bit hot.

Everything about this was unexpected, of course. But one of the things that made it especially surprising was the part about Tarantino possibly directing. Not only has he never made a big blockbuster type movie---he's only made eight movies total with a ninth on the way, and there's been whispers of him potentially retiring from filmmaking after his 10th---but each and every one of his films has been R-rated.Star Trekmovies, as you're likely aware, are not R-rated.

But never fear, Tarantino fans. As it turns out, evenStar Trekis R-rated when it comes from Quentin. In fact, it was one of his requirements [...]

The postYes, Quentin Tarantino’s‘Star Trek’ Movie Is R-Ratedappeared first onGeeks of Doom.

‘Ocean’s 8’: Sandra Bullock Confirms Connection To Other ‘Ocean’ Films; Says It’s Not A Reboot

Ocean's 8 Cast Image

TheOceanfilms were sleek and fun heist flicks that featured a talented all-male crew pulling off elaborate heists to get rich or at least come out richer. But they aren't the only ones who can think of pulling off a heist. And we will get to see what the women can do inOcean's 8.

The film isn't an official reboot of the franchise, at least according toSandra Bullock, who plays a character who will lead her crew to pull off an impossible heist. The actress has also confirmed that her character also happens to be Danny Ocean's (George Clooney) sister. More on the story below [...]

The post‘Ocean’s 8’: Sandra Bullock Confirms Connection To Other‘Ocean’ Films; Says It’s Not A Rebootappeared first onGeeks of Doom.

Rob Marshall May Direct Disney’s Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’

The Little Mermaid

Disney is not going to stop with the live-action adaptations of their animated classics. Not as long as films likeCinderella, The Jungle Book,andBeauty and the Beastkeep making the box office gold that they are making. With films likeDumbo,Aladdin,Mulan, andThe Lion Kingcurrently in the works, the studio is continuing to go through their vault of award-winning animated films and pairing them with an almost perfect creative team. Case in point,The Little Mermaid, which will have new songs byHamilton'sLin-Manuel MirandaandAlan Menken.

We reported on the film when itfirst brokein August of last year, and now there are new reports saying that the live-action film is looking to landRob Marshallas director. More on the story below [...]

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