Blogs with Star Wars themed content or for companies and/or people associated with the Star Wars universe.
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Toy junkie and fan for all seasons Adam Pawlus gives you the Star Wars news you can, should you so choose, use.
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The TK Project is a charity event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The 501st Stormtooper Legion is inviting our Honorary Members, Friends Of the Legion and a few 501st troopers to create one of a kind Stormtrooper helmets. This project is similar to the Vader Project that Lucasfilm has done.
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A blog dedicated to hard-to-find Kenner Star Wars action figures.
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Fangirl blog about all things Star Wars and other related interests.
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I’m Dan, and I’m going to take a photo with a LEGO guy every day for an entire year. I love LEGOs, and I love photography - so it only seemed natural to mix them. Check out the Lego Star Wars entries.
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Artist Aaron Sowd's blog. Aaron has worked on Star Wars character keys for Acme Archives.
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ACME Databank is the official blog of Star Wars art licensee ACME Archives. Make sure to stop by regularly and chat with the ACME gang and stay up to date on their products, appearances and events.
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Simple - we put up an action figure a day. If you subscribe to us, a vintage Star Wars action figure / vehicle goes to your RSS reader daily.
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Stuff from America's 9th favorite web-only toy personality. Tons of Star Wars posts!
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This blog details the exact working replica of R2-D2 built by Michael Senna in 2003. It made more than 100 appearances in its first 4 years, including mostly charity events, as well as conventions, promotional events and TV appearances. R2-D2 spreads joy everywhere he goes, to people of all ages!
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