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Title: Coreplanets
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Listing added: Jun 4, 2008
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Missouri and Kansas Star Wars fan site. Active forums, arcade, events info and other features.
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Comment Author Ghost of QG / Jun 4, 2008
Great site. Great members.

Comment Author RollaJedi / Jun 4, 2008
Coreplanets is a Missouri and Kansas based Star Wars community. Our main goal is to help one another out in collecting by selling and trading at retail costs. But we also are a wild and crazy bunch of geeks! No topic is too off color for us! We are basically the Animal House of Star Wars Sites!

Comment Author connor2k / Jun 4, 2008
Great resource for collecting and a great tight knit community

Comment Author Ghost of QG / Jun 4, 2008
Perfect site. Great resourse for SW collectors. All scalpers, trolls, and spammers are immediately banned, so there's no need to fear.

Comment Author Bear78 / Jun 4, 2008
Great bunch of guys! Come and check us out in your in the MO and KS areas.

Comment Author Dxdave / Jun 4, 2008
Coreplanets is a great site for fans of all ages and all backgrounds to geek out and talk Star Wars. Our community is mostly KC and MO but we've got members from around the country as well. If you have an open mind to just about anything, check us out.....but at your own risk.

Comment Author spudmanski / Jun 4, 2008
Fantastic and helpful community for SW and other toy collecting.

Comment Author Gus Hound / Jun 4, 2008
A great bunch of guys! The main idea is to help each other beat the scalpers and find the toys we're looking for. We're very inclusive of everyone, and we have tons of fun along the way. Stop by, especially if you live in Kansas or Missouri!

Comment Author kbfett / Jun 4, 2008
The place I go when noone in the real world understads why I'm so excited about finding this toy or that. thes guys understand and help each other out as well.

Comment Author rosemaster / Jun 4, 2008
Site members really help each other get the toys they are looking for. Plenty of fun along the way. My first stop whenever I go online.

Comment Author JDIMSTR / Jun 5, 2008
A great place to share your collection with those that appreciate it.

Comment Author jayhawkjake / Jun 5, 2008
Very comprehensive Star Wars Collecting site with a great group of members.

Comment Author MVader / Jun 5, 2008
Been on the site for over a year....tight community of fans, no fear of scalpers, evilbayers, its all about the collector, and you get to have a few laughs as well.

Comment Author Dr3w / Jun 6, 2008
a great site. The people are friendly and entertaining, and the site is the best tool for star wars collecting in the midwest I've found so far.

Comment Author DarthSmiles / Jun 12, 2008
Cool site. Good atmosphere over there.

Comment Author EVIL ASH / Jun 12, 2008
Good stuff, Great fun, Haven't met a member I dislike. I enjoy posting collection pics for people to appreciate like I do. Also, it's wide open discussions are entertainig.

Comment Author The Josh / Jun 23, 2008
CorePlanets is a great site for everyone but especially us in Missouri/Kansas. We get a chance to just talk SW with other locals in an open healthy atmosphere.

Comment Author liljohn / Jul 28, 2008
Great group of guys. One of the most fun Star Wars forums on the net. A great place to talk Star Wars or Clone Wars or toys... you name it!

Comment Author jedibill / Aug 28, 2008
This is the best site out there for Star Wars fans and collectors. From Legos to Gentle Giant and Hasbro to autographs, there is something for everyone here. Scalper bashing is one of our favorite pastimes. If you want a stuffy site then Coreplanets is not for you. Come join the fun!

Comment Author automo / Sep 3, 2008
Big fan of Coreplanets. Rolla is da man!



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