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Star Wars Fan Artist and member of the 501rst. Rev 920 from the World of Star Wars.
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My apologies for the inconvenience one may encounter on my paranormal investigator page, I'm currently revamping it.

Halloween- New photos have been posted in the 501st Troopings Gallery from the Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival held in Downtown Honolulu's Chinatown.

Election- Well it's finally over, the results are in... we're screwed. We've elected a U.S. Senator who has only been on the National stage for 4 years and 2 of those 4 were spent campaigning and he has no experience with executive dealings. I truly hope he lives up to everybody's expectations 'cause he's gonna have to hit the ground running. We'll also get to see if he can uphold all of his campaign promises even though a lot of them contradict each other since it seems he was only telling the people what they wanted to hear to get their votes. I heard that after the success of this year's election that the 2012 election will go to the highest bidder on E*bay.

Jawa Project- Coming along smoothly.

Weddings- I'm amazed that putting an ad on actually produced results of people looking for someone to preform their weddings.

Afterlife/Salvation- I'm disappointed that the old Goth crowd would rather go to a rave with the same monotonous music that they hear every weekend than visit their roots at the only truly underground nightclub left in Honolulu. And pass on the money saving concept of BYOB and go to a club with $5 bottle of Budweisers. Their loss, we shall continue the debauchery.

California- What the hell's going on there: banning same sex marriage after the courts said it was legal. If that's going on in California and Nobama implements his Socialist ideas upon taking office then I think it's almost time to move to a former Soviet Block country where they don't take their freedoms so lightly and live like a king.

Salt Lake City- They wouldn't show Zack and Miri Make a Porno because it has the word porno in the title but Saw 89 can open there? One more reason to make that move: the closed minded religious idiot who would rather spend millions in another state to ensure same sex marriage is defeated rather than help improve their own community. 

That's it for my rant for today, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. 

It's Almost Over
Election time is almost here and not a minute too late. I am so friggin' sick of this crap it's no longer funny. As stated previously I hold no love whatsoever for politicians and as much as I would prefer McCain to win, if Nobama would win it would still be better than where we're at now. But now Nobama is sounding more and more like Lenin, that's right I said it: Nobama is beginning to sound like a Communist with the Government making all the decisions for you and talking in circles. I'm sorry but during the debates he answered every question like a lawyer making it sound like a good answer but all he did was rephrase the question to sound like an answer, therefor confusing the young and uninitiated into believing he made a thoughtful and meaningful answer. Well 52% (supposedly reported by a biased media) may be convinced but I'm not. I don't want to wait in line outside a government building for John Wayne paper (toilet paper that's rough as hell and don't take shitt from no one) and hard bread. Isn't his campaign run a lot like the way V. Lenin did it, whip up the masses making them believe in change and then herding them like cattle and doing all their thinking for them?

McCain in '08 "Better Dead Than Red"

Afterlife was cancelled (the owner didn't think we were making enough money). So now it's changed to a monthly event: Salvation. First installment Friday the 26th of September, the second will be Salvation Presents: the Season of the Witch scheduled for the 24th of October. This promises to be Honolulu's biggest pre-Halloween party ever.

And then there's my Jawa project.

If I Were Elected President
If I were elected president:

1) Congress would be made to "punch in" on time cards. Those bastards are never at work. Ever watch C SPAN? Those seats are always empty. I bet if their pay got docked they'd be at work for us. And how often is Congress "not in session"? Hell Nobama's been picking up a paycheck as a senator and when was the last time he was doing something in the Senate? He's been on the friggin' campaign trail for a year now.

2) Congress' pay would be changed to hourly minimum wage. Let's see how they like making minimum wage and how low it is. We'd damn sure get more work out of those cheatin' bastards. And no moonlighting.

3) Death row inmates, after 2 appeals, will be donated to science for experiments. That's right, no more animal testing we'll use the inmates on death row. Our tax dollars are giving them "three hots and a cot". They're just sitting there waiting to die, let's give them a purpose. It may even decrease the prison population, deter people from committing horrific crimes and save some helpless animals.

4) Being 'politically incorrect' will be thrown straight out the window. If you can't stand having your feelings hurt... too bad. America was built by renegade heroes who believed in free speech so say what's on your mind. Just remember if you get your ass beat for something you said, don't go running home to mamma about it.

5) Our country is in debt and yet it loans money to other countries. What does the bank do when you don't pay back the money you borrowed from them for your new car? They repossess the damn thing. Well we need to finish everything up in the Mid-East and start repossessing the countries that owe us money. Then once we take over that country we keep it until their Gross Nation Product makes the money they owe us and give the country back.

6) Illegal immigration from Mexico. This one's simple: Make Mexico the 51st state. Boom! Now they're all citizens and paying taxes. No more border no more problem.

7) Holy crap! There are people starving in some little country I've never heard of and I was an 'A' student in Geography! (This one's gonna piss some people off) Fuck them. There are people starving right here in America. We should take care of our starving before we take care of some one else's starving. What right do we have to try to solve another country's problem when we can't even solve it here first?

Those are just some of the things I'd do if I were elected President. And obviously I'm not gonna get elected.

I'm Revelation920 and I approve this message.


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