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Jedi Assembly, The

Title: Jedi Assembly, The
Category: Costuming
Listing added: Jun 15, 2008
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The Jedi Assembly is a large Star Wars costuming group dedicated to the world of the Jedi and lightside characters from the saga. Founded by Anthony Foister in 2002, the group does not charge a membership fee and maintains message boards to keep people up to date on happenings within the Jedi Council (the group's managing body), events and the latest costuming tips.
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Comment Author masterYda / Jun 24, 2008
Good site. Forums are packed. Tutorials on making costumes.

Comment Author jolee / Jul 14, 2008
MasterYda, those Star Wars costume tutorials are excellent. Interesting about the food capsuls and how the pens from Star Wars Episodes I and II are getting hard to find.

Comment Author ollie / Sep 3, 2008
Cor-al Gelkar is an awesome person helping to lead an awesome group. The folks at the Jedi Assembly are really fun and the forums are always friendly.



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