Star Wars fan comics and graphic novels.
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Blue Milk Special is a non-profit web comic that lovingly satirizes Star Wars the Original Trilogy. New web comic strips are added twice a week (Monday and Friday). The strips are written by Rod Hannah and illustrated by Leanne Hannah.
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The unofficial and unintentionally comic adaptation of 1977-82. Some pages are partially eaten by silverfish and worse: covered in pigeon droppings! Frequent uploads from the archive feature new commentary by the grown up illustrator. You may make your own comments via the blog and facebook pages.
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Also known as the 'Official Fan Comic'. This fan comic was actually published in a few issues of the Star Wars Adventure Journal put out by West End Games for the RPG game back in the day. These were more or less humorous stories centered around a Sullustian working for Sorosuub and his uppity droid and their encounters with sentient BanthaQuik burgers. Wacky things of that nature. A wacky story with great, though highly stylized and cartoony, art.
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Fandom Comics creates Star Wars Fan Comics and D20/Saga Edition RPG material, as well as short fiction to flesh out characters and events from their comics. The site includes two comics currently running, Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War, and Tales of the Chu'unthor.
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MotionPicturesComics has a variety of cartoons featuring a boy and his robot who mysteriously gain the power to jump in and out of movies. There's a running story having some fun with with Star Wars: Episode I. Penned by Joshua M. Edelglass.
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Star Wars Comic is the host site for Captain Rick's Armor Party, a parody webcomic involving Star Wars characters and other popular sci-fi guests who stop by for an insult or two.
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Fantastic Fan Comic featuring the origin of Obi-Wan taking on the name Ben. Beautiful artwork, fantastic story!
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EPISODES IV,V and VI as rendered by the comic talents of Craig McNamara and Jeff Vlaming! Goofy, funny Star Wars comic strips.
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Star Wars versus GI Joe in a battle for Lego technology and the galaxy.
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