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Title: SWCCG Players Committee
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Listing added: Jun 26, 2008
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The Official site for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. With forums, a card wiki, tournament guide, player locator and more, this site is an excellence resource for all SWCCG players and card collectors.
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Comment Author Chris / Jun 26, 2008
Great game!

Comment Author / Jun 26, 2008
This is the best game and you can pick up singles and boxes for it at

Comment Author mikefrench / Jun 26, 2008
awesome website, cool forums, great game.

Comment Author arebelspy / Jun 26, 2008
This game is amazing, and this site is the place to be for new cards (virtual cards).

Comment Author merisman / Jun 26, 2008
The best CCG game ever created! Come back and get hooked again!

Comment Author ryan / Jun 26, 2008
love the game

Comment Author Psychobabble / Jun 26, 2008
cool game, site could use a facelift but hey, content is good. lol@scott's plug

Comment Author GalacticBinder Admin / Jun 27, 2008
We here at GB love this site. A fantastic resource for SWCCC players and card collectors alike.

Comment Author dan / Jun 27, 2008
this is still alive?? cool

Comment Author mr007agent / Jun 27, 2008
Great game. If I was stuck on an island with Jessica Simpson and swccg I would be happy.

Comment Author minky / Jul 2, 2008
I loved this game years ago. I had no idea this site existed before I saw it here. Can't wait to jump back in.

Comment Author Nate / Jul 2, 2008
Again this is a fantastic community for a still-great game.

Comment Author Scott / Jul 2, 2008
really happy to have seen this here.

Comment Author Derek / Jul 3, 2008
Best card game I have ever played, still fun after all these years

Comment Author Jeeps / Jul 3, 2008
The best game ever conceived. Still strong today (Thanks to the Players Committee) and we will be having the World Championship in Minneapolis, MN in October.

Comment Author kerosone / Jul 5, 2008
Best CCG - thanks to the PC.

Comment Author Darkness / Jul 6, 2008
Best CCG to play, Star Wars just makes it all the better!

Comment Author Archmage / Jul 6, 2008
Great site. Great game. Check out the Player Committee.

Comment Author Calaglin / Jul 7, 2008
Best CCG to play ever

Comment Author ccgman / Jul 11, 2008
The player locator map is still my favorite for this star wars card game.



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