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Title: Gentle Giant Collectors
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An online community for those who collect products manufactured by Gentle Giant, Ltd - including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Site includes news, forums, image guides and product registry.
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Comment Author philnjill / May 22, 2008
One of my favorite sites :) And those sexy image guides are so well done!

Comment Author PocketAces27 / May 22, 2008
Those Image Guides are the best around! The Registry is wonderful as well!

Comment Author GalacticBinder Admin / May 22, 2008
One of the GalacticBinder Team's absolute favorite places in the Star Wars galaxy. Top notch forums, image guides and real friendly atmosphere.

Comment Author big_matt / May 23, 2008
The Best GG site around! Top notch image guides and convention photos!

Comment Author best GG site on the web / Jun 2, 2008
Best on the net.

Comment Author DarthMayer / Jun 2, 2008
Best Gentle Giant website out there!! Gntle Giant Ltd. themselves can't top it!!

Comment Author starwarsgeek / Jun 2, 2008
Meh. I've seen better. Not impressed.

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 2, 2008
You've seen better starwarsgeek? Where might that be, as far as I know this is only site 100% dedicated to Gentle Giant Collectibles, so I would love to see the better ones you have seen.

Comment Author maxattack / Jun 3, 2008
Awesome site for GG info all around. A daily visit for me!

Comment Author geminipilot / Jun 9, 2008
Go here for a GG fix. Gotta say I don't remember finding another site dedicated to GG.

Comment Author Alex Klec Pilewski / Jun 10, 2008
My daily newspaper, best read whats going on in the GG world

Comment Author Cirielle / Jun 10, 2008
I love this site. Up to date information. Awesome image guides. Impressive price guides. And the forum is full of friendly people!

Comment Author DarthMayer / Jun 10, 2008
Forgot to add my Stars for

Comment Author innocent_jedi / Jun 10, 2008
Message boards are very clique-ish. Do not disagree with them or they will be very harsh and mean towards you. Site has decent GG news, but better can be found on

Comment Author Olórin / Jun 10, 2008
Best GG website in the world!

Comment Author Olórin / Jun 10, 2008
Forgot the stars ;)

Comment Author _DJ_ / Jun 10, 2008
Best Gentle Giant site around. NUFF SAID!!!

Comment Author HAPPYBOY / Jun 10, 2008
If it's Gentle Giant you want to learn about, there is no other place to visit. Lots of great folks who know thier stuff. :)

Comment Author arctrooperobiwan / Jun 10, 2008
My favorite place on the web!

Comment Author n00bian / Jun 12, 2008
hands GG site on the web

Comment Author n00bian / Jun 12, 2008
weird...the stars werent there the first time I posted

Comment Author SithLord / Nov 29, 2008
A great source for GG. Love the Price Guides and the Most Wanted!

Comment Author migstar1974 / Apr 30, 2010
hi everyone new to the site i am a gg collector thought i would check this site great video



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