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Listing added: Mar 1, 2008
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4/10 is a Star Wars Toys Collectors' website that stands unique as the pro-fan, anti-scalper unifier in the collecting community. Focusing on new action figure releases as they hit markets across the nation and worldwide, and delivering original entertainment in our articles, Sandtroopers is the collector's most valuable tool in getting the toys and fighting the scalpers.
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Comment Author The Josh / Jun 3, 2008
Sandtroopers is the best SW site around! Our dedication to the fans and the buyers is something everyone needs to look at.

Comment Author jedibrian77 / Jun 5, 2008
Sandtroopers is a great inclusive community. All around an excellently run site.

Comment Author Ghost of QG / Jun 6, 2008
The most fan friendly site out there. Good men and women reporting on their great hobby. Forum is extremely fan friendly. Cannot go wrong here...

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 8, 2008
new news seems to post last there. needs a new looks. forum folks are cool.

Comment Author starfox / Jun 9, 2008
great community forum and the best star wars trading community on the net! lots of great articles and convention reviews, plus new figure info first

Comment Author starfox / Jun 9, 2008
great visual reference guides on all items, Hasbro, Gentle Giant, the best Kotobukiya gallery on the net, you name it and they have a guide for it

Comment Author Warm Cookies / Jun 9, 2008
I love this site! After running screaming from a certian scum-filled site I found A better, tighter-knit community you will not find. Definitely my favorite SW-themed site.

Comment Author NewbCollector / Jun 9, 2008
I have only started collecting recently and i tried all the fan sites listed. The other sites blew me off and treated me like i was unimportant. Not sandtroopers though, they made me feel like I've been a member for years. They also have a very clean ez website that doesn't require a pro to use.

Comment Author shb033196 / Jun 10, 2008
My favorite SW fan site out there. Very good group of guys and ladies who are respectful to each other and really encourage the fun in collecting. And hands down, the best trading group you will find anywhere on the web.

Comment Author Big Tex / Jun 10, 2008
I always find the news there first (not last or late), always informative and some great newsbreakers recently. My first experience with the forums and trading was top-notch, could not be beat.

Comment Author starwarsgeek / Jun 11, 2008
Well generelveers I think you should take your own advice and "do some research before you MAKE comments". I don't this site posts news last at all. They have had several pretty big scoops recently, and are always on top of everything.

Comment Author 704scorch / Jun 11, 2008
If it wasn't for, I wouldn't be the collector I am today. Proud member of the 704th S.C.A.L.P. Unit!

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 11, 2008
The last few weeks ST has had some great scoops. first news on lots of new hasbro stuff. you are right starwarsgeek. but history is still history and it was not always that way. as i said first post, forums folks are very cool there. proud member.

Comment Author Bloodant / Jun 17, 2008
I've been a memeber of this site for quite sometime. If you a mature and active member and a good honest trader this site site is for you. My collection has exploded since becoming a member, no more we-pay for me. Go!!

Comment Author The Josh / Jun 23, 2008
We help cover Star Wars like no other site on the net.

Comment Author GalacticBinder Admin / Jun 24, 2008
Comments for this listing have been suspended at the site owner's request. Please do not submit further comments - they will be deleted. Thank you.



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