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Title: Watto's Junk Shop
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Listing added: Jul 8, 2008
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The one stop site for Star Wars collectors. The site offers information on all areas of Star Wars collectibles and the opportunity to trade items with like-minded individuals. The site also offers a forum to discuss all areas of Star Wars collecting.
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Comment Author Jed1_j1m / Jul 9, 2008
Fantastic site for collectors to share ideas and trade without being scalped on auction sites.

Comment Author darth father / Jul 9, 2008
Great site! 100 % positive trades!

Comment Author darthfather / Jul 9, 2008
Forgot to sign in before rating! Any way, awesome site, every trade has been a positive one. No complaints, every one works with each other on shipping and being flexiable with needs. Great bunch of guys we are!

Comment Author Jango Clone / Jul 9, 2008
Great site...Great group!! I have made numerous trades on the site and met alot of great people. I recommend this site to anyone in the Yahoo World of Star Wars who enjoys collecting anything related to Star Wars. Come check it out!

Comment Author DJ121 / Jul 9, 2008
This site is one of the best things I have ever taken part in. All of us are very eager to help other collectors and find those "hard to get" items that not all of us have access to. Our over seas members make it easier to get other exclusives as well! Every trade sucessful so far.

Comment Author Sebulba7793 / Jul 9, 2008
I just got signed on there and have already had 3 trades simultaneously! If you have any extra stuff from your collection or are selling off stuff, Watto's Junk Shop is a GREAT place to do it at!

Comment Author xaos / Aug 31, 2008
I have traded tons of stuff on this site and it has been a 100% positive experience. If you have extra things in your collection that you'de like to trade in for new ones then JOIN THIS GROUP!!! It's awesome!

Comment Author DarthMater / Nov 3, 2009
Great site for trading Star Wars items. With a great,honest group of collectors from around the globe. There is something to be found. If you never find anything else you are looking for on the site the one thing you will always find are some true loyal friends!

Comment Author tenky / Nov 14, 2009
A brilliant site for trading Star Wars stuff. All collectors should check this site out!



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