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Star Wars action figures and memorabilia fan and collector site with a community talk forum, contests, prizes, news, and much more.
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Comment Author PocketAces27 / May 22, 2008
One of my daily stops for Star Wars News!

Comment Author big_matt / May 27, 2008
The best SW news site on the internet!

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 2, 2008
One of the only sites around that actually posts news all the time. Nice stop for all the info. Forums not as active as they used to be but the news is great and the reviews have some cool images.

Comment Author maxattack / Jun 3, 2008
I'm there every day..on the main page and in the forums. One of the best places to get the latest collecting info and general Star Wars happenings. You could say my online Star Wars roots are here. :)

Comment Author Cirielle / Jun 10, 2008
Yodasnews is great! Great convention coverage! Great up to date news! Awesome reviews! And the collection pages make a person really dream!

Comment Author alex klec pilewski / Jun 10, 2008
Always a good read, the man behind GG, and as above love the collection page

Comment Author alex klec pilewski / Jun 10, 2008
Always a good read, the man behind GG, and as above love the collection page

Comment Author DarthSmiles / Jun 10, 2008
Yoda and news. Horses and racing... they just go together

Comment Author _DJ_ / Jun 10, 2008
Awesome SW news site.

Comment Author HAPPYBOY / Jun 10, 2008
The most informative news bout all things Star Wars, and some of the greatest people on this planet when it comes to a community of fellow collectors.

Comment Author arctrooperobiwan / Jun 10, 2008
Best star wars news on the web!

Comment Author starwarsgeek / Jun 10, 2008
Just more of the same. These little cookie cutter websites seem to pop up over night everywhere, and they all have the same content, the same forums, and even the same members in those forums as every other site. Lame.

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 11, 2008
I agree starwarsgeek that there are a lot of cookie cutter sites, but Yodasnews is NOT one of the, they have been around for 4 or 5 years and have some of the best news in the net. They are not new, nor did they pop up overnight. Do some research before you made comments.

Comment Author starwarsgeek / Jun 11, 2008
Well now at least we know what site you work for. Seems that you've been giving everyone a bad rating except for Yoda Snooze. Makes sense now.

Comment Author geminipilot / Jun 11, 2008
Yoda knows a lot man. Best news.

Comment Author generalveers / Jun 11, 2008
i wish i did work there starwarsgeek. i have applied at most of the sites but they all say I'm too young. I would be proud to work there if they let me. they also always give away cool stuff each month, the other sites onlyt do it once in a while. yodasnews still rock.

Comment Author droopy / Aug 8, 2008
Yodasnews is a pimp website. Always good Star Wars news there.

Comment Author vinnyD / Oct 19, 2008
Yodasnews is still my favorite place for Star Wars news. Love all the stuff they find about Star Wars gadgets and tricked out toys.

Comment Author SithLord / Nov 29, 2008
After all these years, they still seem to find somethimg new and fresh every single day. One of my daily stops.



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