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Best Collection Awards

Title: Best Collection Awards
Category: Competitions and Contests
Listing added: Jun 13, 2008
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Celebrate collecting in/of the Star Wars galaxy. Watch, compete, vote, and win in at least 4 categories as fans and collectors show their stuff and battle it out for prizes.
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Comment Author DaveandCate Kitzmiller / Jun 14, 2008
If you're a larger collector or even a small collector, this contest has something to offer everyone. Real prizes are awarded every month to the winners. Requires membership to Come check it out!

Comment Author darth myles / Jun 15, 2008
lots of fun. join us and you too could win 1 of the fabulous prizes given out each month for the best collection. check out the collectors forum while your there. see ya later.

Comment Author Empress Palpatine / Jun 15, 2008
The staff for these awards do a fantastic job running them and the collections displayed are awe-inspiring and interesting. It's a great way to show off what you have, see what others have, and show your own creative side of collecting, displaying, and showing off!

Comment Author Bounty Hunter / Jun 15, 2008
A great group of collectors having fun and displaying thier collections for everybody to see. All are welcomed and encouraged to join in. Hope to see you there!

Comment Author darthfather / Jun 15, 2008
Very awesome awards for members on an awesome site! Only site I have seen that is like this one! Great job!

Comment Author GalacticBinderAdmin / Jun 15, 2008
We are proud to have Best Collection here as part of GalacticBinder. We hope everyone checks it out!

Comment Author darthzekiel / Jun 16, 2008
Great place to show off your stuff to a bunch of like-minded geeks. Personally, it justifies the loads of cash I've spent on toys. Okay it really doesn't, but it's fun anyway.

Comment Author Sebulba7793 / Jun 16, 2008
I'm EXTREMELY excited about the BCA! For anyone with a hidden collection, it's a great way to share it with others!

Comment Author DJ121 / Jun 16, 2008
I look forward to entering each month. There is a WIDE variety of contests each month. You can enter one or all of them! It is a lot of fun and a cool way to see what else is out there! A great way for people to show off their hard work!

Comment Author DJ121 / Jun 16, 2008
I had to post this to show my rating.

Comment Author darth myles / Jun 17, 2008
i forgot my stars

Comment Author The Maker / Jun 26, 2008
Just go check out the BCA page itself. Those guys keep it looking amazing everyday! And, it's a lot of fun posting pix of your collection and seeing others collections, too. Many thanks to Dave and Cate for getting this off the ground! May the Force be with you always! :)

Comment Author jangoclone / Jun 29, 2008
Awesome site! Fun stuff and great people. Check out the great your own. Better than myspace by far!

Comment Author Sebulba7793 / Jul 2, 2008
The definite place for collectors, fans and artists who love Star Wars!!

Comment Author Empress Palpatine / May 31, 2009
Now with award statues!



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