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Title: Bantha Skull
Category: Humor
Listing added: Jun 3, 2008
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Forums to crack on posts at other forums... Becauase sometimes you need to swear when talking about Star Wars. This site isn't for everyone. If you're under 18 or you'rer easily offended, you should consider one of the family friendly Star Wars sites.
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Comment Author nomadscout / Jun 4, 2008
A great site to talk about Star Wars and whatever else you want. A no holds barred uncensored forum, it's a lot of fun and a refreshing change from the same old online hangouts you're used to.

Comment Author Sinky Weasel / Jun 4, 2008
It's nice to be able to say what I REALLY think about the f---ing Sandstorm figures.

Comment Author Huge Cajones / Jun 4, 2008
Just like Adult Swim - made by Gen X for Gen X and all the monkyfights you can handle.

Comment Author devilof76 / Jun 5, 2008
If there's an Eden in the Star Wars universe, Bantha Skull set up an oil rig in the middle of it. And we're gonna sit on the couch, drink beer and watch that sucker gush.

Comment Author sambuca / Jun 5, 2008 what can I say... flurp flarn derp de der te tootaly tum! This place is GREAT! In addition to Star Wars coverage/discussion, it has an exciting Sports section, thrilling movie section, rockin' Guitar Hero/Rock Band section, and a killer customs/dios/photonovels section. COME ON!!

Comment Author JediJunkie247 / Jun 6, 2008
BanthaSkull is a great site to just cut loose and talk about things without worry of persecution. The folks are very understanding and willing to listen.

Comment Author Mazlow01 / Jun 6, 2008 forums actually allow you to act your age. Like a 30 year old movie geek with stunted social skills. No need to filter yourself here.

Comment Author Randy / Jun 8, 2008
Quite simply, this site is the best out there for all of us to post about Star Wars the same way we would talk with our friends. The gloves are off!

Comment Author geminipilot / Jun 9, 2008
This is for real... Adults who know Star Wars

Comment Author Offended parent / Jun 20, 2008
My son went to this site and I could not believe the stuff people were saying. If there's going to be vulgar language, you should keep it hidden from the public. It seems you have that option, but I think you're waving your swear words around a little too much. I'm looking into filing a complaint

Comment Author lobos / Aug 15, 2008
I really like the Skull. Fun Star Wars forums for sure.

Comment Author skuller / Sep 3, 2008
Loves me the Skull! get the T-shirt everyone.

Comment Author CaptainAlex / Nov 10, 2008
Hands down the best collecting community for Adult Star Wars Collectors. Way better than any of the other collecting sites out there. A good mixture of individuals who know their stuff.

Comment Author Duke / Nov 28, 2008
Banthaskull is for adults by adults! A site I reccomend for anyone who just wants to hang out and speak your mind like you would with your buddies while drinking a beer or seven!!!

Comment Author Med / Dec 13, 2008
I left one of the otheR Sites and moved on into BanthaSkull. All the best of the collecting community unfiltered and uncensored!

Comment Author Boushh / Dec 13, 2008
Yes, the gloves are off, and so are the serious pants. BanthaSkull is the "Island of Misfit Toys" of the SW collecting universe. Leave your pretention (and maybe your underage children) at the door and have a good time!

Comment Author Darth_Zirock / Dec 14, 2008
Excellent site! Definitely for adults only, so "offended parent" needs to be doing a better job of moderating their child's surging habits, as the site clearly labels itself as for A-D-U-L-T-S!

Comment Author Offended Son / Dec 14, 2008
Hi dad, stop sneaking where I log in... I do not go ino your own adult XXX sites and neither tell mom... or should I now? Banthaskull is great!

Comment Author sithman / Dec 14, 2008
the best STAR WARS forums for adults on the web. Key Word 'ADULTS'

Comment Author Offended Offender / Dec 14, 2008
RE: Offended Parent; How exactly to you plan on filing a complaint? If you go to your local PD please record that and post it cause I'm always looking for a good LOL!!! is a wonderful place for ADULTS to converse about SW and many other topics. The easily offended should steer clear

Comment Author The Mighty Hrvat / Dec 16, 2008
Sometimes the world of Star Wars is not perfect. And the community at this site has a great relation to what happens in the real world and what happens in a fantasy land. No clashing of egos. The best cohesion on a site I have ever seen. A place where an adult can talk with other ADULTS.

Comment Author AresJ2X / Dec 17, 2008
I love this site and I love the people here. I just joined in August and already I feel like I've known them for years! It's my homepage at home, at work and at school! Offended parent: Note to self: Use parental controls.

Comment Author Darth JBYRDD / Dec 18, 2008
Bantha (BS) is one hell of a cool place, lotsa friendly people of my kind of thinking, where else are you gonna see SW porn and monkey fights ?

Comment Author DarthFelchus / Dec 18, 2008
I went to, and saw all the filth and foul language, and I says to myself, "yeah buddy!" Serious pants, monkey fights, daily food pics -- what else do you need?

Comment Author Super than Natural / Jan 8, 2009
Awesome place for the real truth about SW stuff and other Bull Sh@t, i like it and love it to.

Comment Author jkno / Jan 11, 2009
A friendly and cool forum, lots of nice guys there!!

Comment Author banthaBoy / Feb 2, 2009
yes, banthaskuul iz a vury funny site that i go too oftne and reely enjoy even tho sometimes tehy curse too much and make fun of things i liek and show nekkid ladies and other things that can be offensive to the easly offended but those peeple need to get a lief!

Comment Author redjack1888 / Mar 16, 2009
Cool site! Some craziness is always welcome ... although the guys advocating a Bea Arthur action figure need to lay off the crack pipe!

Comment Author Blue Knight / Jul 9, 2009
Hands down the best Star Wars forum out there to discuss what you want, when you want. I have been at other sites, with limited imagination, and never as much fun. This site blows them all out of the water. I can't think of a better place to kick back and cuss like a sailor.

Comment Author The_Mighty_Shtool / Aug 23, 2011
This site continues to be the most awesome collection of drunken degenerate ever to pay an Asian hooker to wear a Jar Jar costume and then throw her into Mark Hamill's hotel room at Comic-Con.



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