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Title: Star Wars Origami
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Listing added: Feb 6, 2008
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A site dedicated to Star Wars themed origami, the art of paper folding. Run by Chris Alexander, this site truly is amazing as Chris shows off his skills creating elements of the Star Wars universe out of simple pieces of paper.
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Comment Author kabob / Jul 9, 2008
This is the best site for Star Wars origami. They have listings for R2D2, Speeders, Death Star, Yoda, Boba Fett and lots others. Best origami site on the net for a Star Wars fan.

Comment Author K2 / Jul 11, 2008
I did the bantha, LOL, the origami instructions are in separate PDF which is a little annoying. But why get stressed over origami?

Comment Author Jabba Slob / Jul 11, 2008
Wow! I had no idea there were people doing Star Wars origami! This is a blast.

Comment Author GalacticBinder Admin / Jul 12, 2008
We love Star Wars Origami here at We're trying to make some of these creations (with mixed success due to our fat fingers)... but man, what a blast. Fanstastic site! Tons of fun!

Comment Author jasonko / Jul 12, 2008
Some images have diagrams to help you do it yourself Star Wars origami. Love the big paper folds at celebration.

Comment Author Chris (from StarWarsOrigami / Jul 20, 2008
Hi everyone :) Remember, if you make one of my designs and send me a picture with it, I'll post the pic in the Guest Artist section. Hope to see yours soon.

Comment Author 79Kprobe / Aug 16, 2008
Love the interview. Star Wars origami is the best. Would love to see a character in clone war animation doing origami to relax.

Comment Author K2 / Aug 18, 2008
Just read the interview. Put me down for an AT-AT.

Comment Author Lon Plant / Sep 3, 2008
Great interview, Chris! I'd have loved to have seen the life-size Jabba you created. Looks awesome.

Comment Author origami man / Aug 3, 2011
I just wish you'd make new origami diagrams! I'm also really bored if the ones you diagrammed!!!! besides you didn't come up with the ones you diagrammed to!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Author starwarigami / Oct 2, 2012
Diagrams for Chris' models are now available in his new book "Star Wars Origami" available from Amzon and all good bookshops



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