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Completed in 1999, Star Wars: The Musical is a musical version of Star Wars (A New Hope), written and recorded with original music and lyrics. All of the music here is original, except where the themes of John Willams have been interwoven. The full length CGI animation created for the special edition version of One Season More took home the Best Original Song award at the 2005 Star Wars Fan Film Awards.
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Crossedsabers Revies is a website that reviews Star Wars fan films along with interviews with directors and actors of these films as well as providinging a forum to discuss various fan film related info.
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While being filmed for the hit Imperial TV show TROOPS, Stormtroopers from the infamous Black Sheep Squadron on patrol run into some very familiar characters. Written and directed by Kevin Rubio, this great spoof was released in 1997.
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Trooper Clerks is a parody mixing the characters from Kevin Smith's CLERKS universe with the settings and characters in George Lucas's Star Wars universe. The end result is a hilarious yet foul-languaged mutlimedia experiment that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of fans.
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Fan site and documentary on Australia's obsession with Star Wars.
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Written, directed, produced, and funded by their own resources, the brother and sister team of Cristian and Cortney Macht are on a mission to bring "equality" to the Star Wars fans, and to show the rest of the world that the fans are real people like you and me. This is a movie that was inspired by all the different genres of fandom that celebrate the creation of the Star Wars saga.
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The Dathomir Project is a Star Wars fan film set in the Old Republic era.
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Hello! You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope. Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we're all done, we'll stitch it all together and watch the magic happen.
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From creator Ryan Simmons, this site feature a series of Flash cartoon Star Wars spoofs. It also has games, wallpapers and other fun stiff.
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Star Wars Revelations was started with a hope and desire to create a low-budget independent film with a big-budget production value. With affordable technology and a pool of talented artists around the world, we wanted to see how far Panic Struck Productions could take it.
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