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Evan Mather has created some of the funniest Star Wars spoofs ever, including: "Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars," "Godzilla Versus Disco Lando," "Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure," "Mace Windu Theater" and "The Qui-Gon Show".
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Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Funny fan film on Youtube.
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"Heart of an Empire" is a documentary that follows Albin Johnson and other members of the 501st as they participate in events like the Walk of Life.
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Hughes the Force is a Star Wars fan film combining the universes of Star Wars and John Hughes. A passion project created by a group of friends who are huge Star Wars Fans and also Professional Filmmakers - many of whom grew up in the same home town as John Hughes - will be a fan film relatable to both hardcore and casual fans alike.
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"I.M.P.S. The Relentless" is a fan film made to show what life is like in the Imperial military. Released in chapters, the film is epic in scope.
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Jedi Junkies is a film by director Mark Edlitz that explores how people take their love of the films and based on their own passions and interest create something new and entirely different.
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This site is dedicated to Star Wars fan films. There's a large database of films available for download, as well as links to films that are only offered on streaming video, and flash cartoons. Literally 100's of films available - for FREE.
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Join the community to fight the good fight and get the original-original trilogy released properly. A fantastic community of youngins and old-timers who is well known for its extensive preservation network of vintage video material and fan-edits.
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"Recruitment" is a spoof recruitment video for the Empire.
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Hilarious DVD commentaries from Michael J. Nelson - star of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000! Play these in sync with your favorite DVD's for a good laugh. There are Rifftrax for all three Star Wars prequel films and for the Star Wars Holiday Special.
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