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The Official Lucasfilm licensee for Star Wars comics. Current books include "Star Wars: Legacy", "Star Wars: Rebellion" and "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic". If you like Star Wars comics... this is THE place to start on the web.
Official Lucasfilm Licensee: Yes
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Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince #3

Defeated by the Zodiac Starforce, the demon Pavos rebuilds his strength to take them on again . . . this time for good! Molly discovers a secret the UK team is hiding, and the tenuous alliance between Zodiac teams is tested!

''An interesting cast, a perplexing mystery and gorgeous art make this one a keeper.''--Major Spoilers


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Comment Author bink999 / Jul 28, 2008
DH's Legacy rocks the hardest. Jan Duursema is so amazing!

Comment Author slabber / Jul 28, 2008
Travis Charest was awesome at SDCC. Totally cool to finally meet him.

Comment Author Victor1 / Jul 31, 2008
Just read Rebellion 15/Vector 7 tonight and dug it. Travis's cover art is always great. Wil Glass did an awesome job on the issue.

Comment Author Talon / Aug 2, 2008
The Dark Horse booth at Comic-Con was a blast. I got almost ten autographs there this year. The people working at the booth were nice to meet too.

Comment Author blitzed / Aug 8, 2008
Dark Horse remains at the top of the rack for me. I get every Star Wars title they put out. Never disappointed. Website looks sweet too.

Comment Author vaderfader / Aug 23, 2008
Love the forums over a DH. It's awesome that Randy Stradley is in there with us chatting all the time. The guys at Dark Horse really care about the fans.

Comment Author Murtana / Sep 3, 2008
Great interview at Comic Book Resources. Dark Horse is a cool company doing cool new books. Bring on more Crimson Empire!

Comment Author smite / Oct 19, 2008
Dark Horse has a pimp website and puts out awesome Star Wars comics.

Comment Author smugy / May 14, 2009
Can't wait for to start reading Star Wars "Invasion" in a big way!



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