Star Wars Celebration VII
Posted on May 19, 2011 by Pete

If you want to see the Star Wars Prequels told in 2+ minutes using Legos (and who on earth doesn't?)... then you're in luck thanks to Youtube user dzine 123. It's actually really well done and very cute.

Posted on May 18, 2011 by Pete

Figrin Dan Life-Size Bust
(Photo Courtesy of Tom Spina Designs - Used With Permission)

Our pal Tom Spina wrote in to let us know that his company tackled the prototype work for the new Figrin D'an Life-Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles. Considering the insanely high quality of Sideshow's items, it makes perfect sense they'd approach Tom, who has a reputation as one of the most amazing craftsmen around. Looking at the pictures of how it turned out... I'm not shocked by how awesome it looks!

To see lots of pictures of how the prototype was created, check out Tom's website for all the details. If you want to purchase the bust, it is now available for pre-order from Sideshow. It costs $499.99 and will delivered in the 4th quarter of 2011. Needless to say, it'll be a jaw-dropping addition to any Star Wars display!

Also, check out this cool Youtube video of the prototype creation process:

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Pete

Medieval Star Wars Figures From Sillof

Quite possibly the greatest action figure customizer on the planet, Sillof, dropped us a line to let us know that he's completed a new line of Star Wars inspired figures. This line, titled "Long Ago and Far Away", puts a medieval spin on our beloved favorites. These figures come with complete and cleverly written descriptions and back stories. For instance, C-3PO is Cadpollo Goldenrod and his trusty companion, R2-D2, is none other than Randor Deeptomb!

Please make sure to click through to Sillof's website to check out all the detailed photos and descriptions.

Here's what Sillof has to say about the line on his site:

"Long Ago & Far Away" is a line of custom figures that continues my experiment of breaking down them many influences of Star Wars and emphasizing them individually. When I saw A New Hope in the theater when I was a kid I thought it was the greatest Sci Fi movie ever. As I got older I realized Star Wars was really much more of a fantasy film set in space.

You are told as much with the first words of the movie with a line straight out of a fairy tale "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". A classic story of good verses evil where the young hero who has to rescue the princess with the help of the trusty old knight. Much of the awe in Star Wars comes from the magic of the Force rather then the complexity of the technology thus making it more of a fantasy film then a Sci Fi film in my opinion."

Posted on May 4, 2011 by Pete

Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case

The folks over at recently put up a cool iPhone case that depicted Apple's Steve Jobs encased in carbonite, a la Han Solo. The item, which was selling for $35, was quickly pulled from the site - someone at Apple wasn't happy over the attempt to cash in on Jobs' likeness.

But the site still does have several "traditional" (and cool!) Star Wars iPhone cases like Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper and an amazing Oscar the Grouch popping out of R2-D2!


Posted on Apr 26, 2011 by Pete

Boba Fett Graffiti

If you're a fan of street artists like Banksy, Jase, Claw or Saber... then you'll definitely want to check out this cool new list titled '32 Examples of Star Wars Graffiti' over at walyou. The list contains a nice mix of graffiti skills, with a lot of different Star Wars characters represented, although Vader gets more than his fair share of love.

I personally dig the Boba Fett piece (above) the most of any on the list. What's your favorite?


Posted on Apr 19, 2011 by Pete

X-Wing Fighter

In this edition of our Swagalicious feature here in our blog, we focus on collectors who have some coin to spend - the "big boys" of the Star Wars collecting world. We start with the jaw-droppingly gorgeous giclee (seen above) by William Silvers. Titled, "Use the Force Luke", it is now available from ACME Archives in both a canvas edition and paper edition.

Canvas edition:
  • 30" x 15"
  • 95 piece edition signed by artists William Silvers
  • Available stretched, rolled or framed
  • $385 (unframed)
  • Paper edition:
  • 26" x 15"
  • 200 piece edition (unsigned)
  • $185 (unframed)
  • Vader Legendary Edition Helmet

    Okay, if that didn't put you into Swagalicious overload... maybe this will! eFxCollectibles will begin taking pre-orders on their Legend Edition Darth Vader helmet on Wednesday, April 20 at 9AM PST. But if you want this bad boy... you better act F-A-S-T!!!

    This helmet replicates Vader's helmet in 'A New Hope' as it appeared on screen! From eFx and will cost $999:

    "Perfect for the Star Wars purist (you know who you are). It will have all of the qualities of the Limited Edition, but the face mask's two-toned black and gunmetal paint pattern will have the film-accurate brush-painted look and will have some of the more identifiable dents and scratches found on the original helmet. The edition size will be limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, thus making this one of our rarest collectibles.

    The Legend Edition will be available for pre-order starting . This version is EXCLUSIVE to our website. There is a $350 Non-Refundable deposit required when you place your pre-order."
    Posted on Apr 14, 2011 by Pete

    You gotta love a girl who knows what she wants. And Sarah Gallego wanted to join the ranks of the Sith at the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland. She obviously knows the power of the Darkside!!!!

    (Via /


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