Star Wars Celebration VII

Rob Buden's "Rebellion"

Han Taun Taun

If you've got $24,000 burning a hole in your pocket this holiday season, then you may want to check out La Luz de Jesus Gallery because they've got this amazing painting available from artist Rob Burden.

His show called "Toy Box" is a tribute to nostalgia. La Luz says it, "...features epic portraits of the small action figures that he played with as a boy. The patterns that adorn many of his canvases are taken from fabric, carpet or wall-paper patterns from his childhood home. His original toy is often framed in a shadowbox attached to the painting, acting as a modern reliquary for these figurines. Burden enjoys the irony of spending hundreds and hundreds of hours in order to make a single painting that glorifies an object that was cheaply, mass-produced for millions of kids."

Dec 15, 2011

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