Why am I not getting e-mails from GalacticBinder?
Most likely e-mails from GalacticBinder are ending up in your SPAM folder.  Please look in your SPAM folder for the missing e-mails and then add info @ galacticbinder.com [delete spaces around @] to your address book to avoid future problems.   If this still does not solve the problem, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to let us know.

I am a Star Wars themed site owner, and my site is missing from the directory. How do I add it?
In order for a site owner to add a listing, you should:
  1. Be logged into your registered user account.  
  2. Then you should navigate to the exact category and subcategory where you want your listing added to the directory.  
  3. Then click the "Owners Add Listing" link from the top menu.  
  4. Choose the plan you would like (e.g. "Jedi Master Monthly Plan") and then enter your listing.
If you receive a "This category is locked by administrator" message, that means that you have tried to submit your link/category to a location that is not accepting submissions.  This includes our homepage/ROOT category. 

Do I have to register to use GalacticBinder?
No.  However only registered users have the ability to add sites (you must be the owner of the site) and upgrade their listings to be a featured, partner  or sponsored listing.  Also, registered users can enter giveaways and make lists of their favorites sites for easy reference.

Do I have to pay to add the site I own to GalacticBinder?
No.  GalacticBinder does provide free basic listings for all Star Wars related websites.  But remember, all listings must meet our submission guidelines and be approved by the GalacticBinder team before becoming active on the site.  All users will receive e-mails as to the status of their submissions.

Do I have to create a reciprocal link to GalacticBinder in order to get my website listed?
No.  However, a reciprocal link is very much appreciated.  And if you add a reciprocal link, we will upgrade the status of your listing for free to "Featured" status.  This will place your listing before free, basic listings in the category where it is listed and in search results - elevating your site's presence in the directory.

What forms of payment can I use to pay for a partner or sponsored listing?
Currently, GalacticBinder is accepting Paypal payments made in U.S. dollars.

I am a fan, and my favorite Star Wars themed site is not in the directory. Can I suggest it for inclusion?
Yes, that's exactly what GalacticBinder is all about!  While only site owners (or their authorized representatives) can add their sites as listings to the directory, we welcome fans to make suggestions.  The GalacticBinder team will review all suggestions and take the necessary steps to get the site added to the directory.  If you know the owner(s) of the site(s) you are suggesting, please tell them to drop by and contact us.

Please use the form located at the link below to suggest listings: 



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