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Star Wars Celebration VII

Welcome to our Special Sarlacc Pit Live Picturebinder Event!

The image below will slowly be revealed starting on April 2nd at 8:00 EST/5PST in conjunction with our live "Sarlacc Pit" podcast on USTREAM. The first person to specifically get all four visual elements plus the unifying THEME of the elements wins!

As you can see, there is a timer below the image which will re-render it for you so you do not need to crush F5.

Cool Pic


Captain Tarkin Clone Wars Picture - Signed By Stephen Stanton!

This will be his very first ever signed Official Pix item - it will be numbered #1

(It will be one of the four pictures seen below)

Begins April 2nd, 2010 - 8:00 EST/5:00 PST

Prize Compliments of Stephen Stanton

Please log your guesses below and include your USTREAM username.

Username GalacticBinder Admin / May 31, 2009
Nicely done Vader5229. Okay... a new PictureBinder will be launched tomorrow, and there will be some free swag on the line as part of our Birthday Bash! So make sure to come back and play!

Username vader5229 / May 31, 2009
Gamorrean Guard, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, & R2-D2 on the red carpet flanked by 2 Stromtroopers

Username sithman / May 30, 2009
C4 costume parade

Username vader5229 / May 29, 2009
Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, a Gamorrean Guard, and R2-D2 on parade in front of a crowd at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Username RICEaRONI / May 29, 2009
Stormtroopers on each side, a crowd in the back, Chewbacca, Gamorrean Guard, Boba Fett behind chewie, and R2D2

Username coruscant / May 29, 2009
Several stormtroopers at the side, with R2-D2, Chewbacca and a Gamorrean Guard in the middle.

Username GalacticBinder Admin / May 29, 2009
You're close fmfdoc30! Keep watching.

Username fmfdoc30 / May 29, 2009
It's Boba Fett, R2D2, Members of the 501st in a parade

Username GalacticBinder Admin / May 27, 2009
Okay, we've got a new image loaded. See how long it takes you guys to crack this one!

Username GalacticBinder Admin / May 27, 2009
Great job Wheezy! You got it. Okay... how about another one for fun!

Username darth wheezy / May 27, 2009
its the Luke Skywalker Speeder Bike concept art painting by Ralph McQuarrie

Username darth wheezy / May 27, 2009
Its luke on the speeder bike painting from ROTJ

Username PocketAces27 / May 26, 2009
Boba Fett.

Username RICEaRONI / May 26, 2009
username: RICEaRONI

Its Jango Fett or Boba Fett cant make it out quite clearly enough yet

Username darthlinux / May 15, 2009
thats not ackbar though... its a amn ithorian

Username GalacticBinderAdmin / Feb 26, 2009
Well done!

Username d1drago / Feb 26, 2009
Emperor Palpatine on Adult Swim getting a hair cut with Admiral Ackbar behind him playing the part of his barber.

Username nogrii / Feb 24, 2009
I see a guy with a red cloak on....

Username hansoolu / Feb 24, 2009
Some type of a star burst...

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Feb 22, 2009
Good luck in this week's PictureBinder!

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Feb 1, 2009
Patient Zero is the winner! Very nicely done!

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
top L:barackbar from www.barackbar.com,admiral ackbar in a suit with button looking like barack."TRAP"
top R:han solo "vote han solo, chewie 08"
B left:leia "vote princess leia 08"
B right:luke "a new hope"
top middle tauntaun , bottom middle ATAT
made to look like election parties,blue-red 4 stars

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
top left: admiral ackbar in suit "TRAP"
top right: han solo "vote han solo, chewie 08"
B left: leia " vote princess leia 08"
b right : luke "a new hope"
A democratic donkey and a republican elephant is on the top and bottom.

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
top left: admiral ackbar in suit "TRAP"
top right: han solo "vote han solo, chewie 08"
B left: leia " vote princess leia 08"
b right : luke "a new hope"
A taun-taun and AT-AT is made up in red and blue with 4 stars, like the democrat and rebublican symbols.

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
admiral ackbar in a suit wearing button as Mccain.

han solo with blaster " vote Han solo , Chewie 08"

princess leia " Vote princess leai 08" this is our most desperate hour

luke as obama " a new hope"

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
admiral ackbar . top left. "TRAP"
han solo with blaster "vote han solo, chewie 08"
princess leia bottom left "vote princess leia 08"
Luke "a new hope" bottom right

Username Dally / Feb 1, 2009
Luke in the bottom right quadrant with "A New Hope" Obama poster

Leia in the bottom left quadrant

Vader in the top right quadrant

Han Solo in the upper right.

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
admiral ackar as George bush! TRAP
luke as Obama! A NEW HOPE
han solo with blaster VOTE
princess leia 08.

Its our most desperate hour! Vote for obama, george bush was a trap. < my interpretation

Username patient zero / Feb 1, 2009
Admiral ackbar in a suit wearing a button "Trap"
han solo holding blaster "vote"
princess leia "vote princess leia 08"

luke "a new hope"

Username patient zero / Jan 31, 2009
guess: admiral ackbar"
han solo holding his blaster
princess leia
Luke thinking of his friends
stars and banner
Obama a new hope

Username SteelTrooper / Jan 31, 2009
Battle of Endor Leaders- Rebels - Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma - Imperials - Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

Username patient zero / Jan 31, 2009
name: patient zero

guess: admiral ackbar saying: it's a trap, han solo holding his blaster, yoda on dagaboh, luke looking worried about his friends in trouble.

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 31, 2009
No one s quite there yet. Keep those eagle eyes peeled!

Username vader5229 / Jan 31, 2009
Star Wars Election pics:

Admiral Ackbar upper left; Han Solo upper right; Chewbacca lower left; Luke Skywalker lower right; all of them are set into ront of the background of Darth Vader.

Username Jeffcee / Jan 31, 2009
Starwars 08 election art
in the upper left feild is Akbar "Trap!"
in the upper right is Han"vote han solo and chewie 08"
lower left Leia "vote princess leia 08"
lower right Luke "a New HOPE"
Did I Get It!?!

Username doink gnat / Jan 29, 2009
Hmmmm... still too early to guess, but I gotta think R2 is in there somewhere!

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 29, 2009
A new PictureBinder is now live. Good luck, everyone!!!!! This is a very, very tough one so hang in there and stick with it. After all, it wouldn't be fun if it was too easy! And remember we're going to require you to be extremely specific...

Username raven_scout / Jan 10, 2009
Can I be a bit more specific still and say it's a 1950s boy fishing with an X-Wing Luke figure as bait, straddling a Ralph McQuarrie AT-AT? I believe it's from a RMcQ ESB production painting (minus the kid or course).

Should have used a Clone Trooper as bait - then he'd be 'BLY FISHING'!! =0)

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 7, 2009
Sweet! Nice job evader13! It most deinitely is X-Wing pilot Luke dangling from the end of the fishing rod. This is an awesome picture... it'll finish fading in over the next couple days. Next week we launch one for a sweet prize!

Username evader13 / Jan 7, 2009
It's an action figure of a rebel trooper in a snowspeeder pilot outfit, possibly Luke?

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 7, 2009
Oh man you guys are sooooo close! It's the "bait" part that has you stumped.

Username vader5229 / Jan 7, 2009
It's a pic of a boy sitting atop of an AT-AT fishing with a landspeeder for bait

Username tomAto / Jan 7, 2009
The kid on the ATAT with a fishing pole with an x wing hooked to the end.

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 7, 2009
Oh so close!

Username evader13 / Jan 6, 2009
A kid sitting atop an AT-AT holding a carrot dangling from a rod.

Username JJohnson / Jan 6, 2009
It's Luke S. riding a tonton

Username GalacticBinder Admin / Jan 4, 2009
Hey folks... welcome to the new PictureBinder. Whoever guesses what this is first is "da bomb"!

Have fun with it. We have lots of great sponsors for PictureBinder prizes in upcoming weeks... so get locked and loaded.

Username tylerdrake / Dec 11, 2008
R2 and 3PO shopping behind Padme carrying the gifts. . .

Username wyldaxe / Dec 8, 2008
It's a drawing of R2

Username segfahlt / Dec 7, 2008
Looks like a C3P0 and R2D2 doing something.


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