Star Wars Celebration VII

Announcing The First Annual Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day - May 19, 2010

Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society
(Image via Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society)

Press Release from The Star Wars Prequel Association:

The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society is sponsoring the first annual Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day. Chosen to fall on the day TPM was released in 1999 and ROTS’s fifth anniversary, May 19, it’s a day for folks who love ALL of the Star Wars saga.

How can you participate?

Before May 19:

  • Join the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day event page on Facebook and send invites to your friends:
  • Promote it on Twitter using the tag #swprequelappreciationday
  • Promote it on any other social networking site you use (i.e. LiveJournal, MySpace, Ning, etc.)
On May 19:

  • Post your favorite lines from the flicks or your favorite memories of 1998-2005 on your blog, Facebook, LiveJournal, or Twitter account
  • Watch the prequel trilogy, or heck, why not all 6? They’re all awesome. Throw in some Clone Wars too. (Yes, Clone Wars counts!)
  • Put on your favorite old Darth Maul tee or have your kids dress up as their fave Clone Wars characters
  • Write some meta or fan fiction
  • Come up with cool icons, fan art, and other graphics
  • Have a party
  • Whatever else you can think of to celebrate Eps I-III
  • Send pics or screencaps of your Prequel Appreciation Day to and the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society will post ‘em.

    It’s time to show the world we can’t imagine a Star Wars without podracing, Padme’s vast wardrobe, clones, Count Dooku, Jango Fett, Watto, an angsty Anakin, a young Obi-Wan, good ol’ Jar Jar, or General Grievious. For more details or updates, visit The Star Wars Prequel Association.

    May 11, 2010 by Pete

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