Star Wars Celebration VII

Star Wars Sideshow New Toys at Brian's Toys

Brian's Toys

Sideshow Collectibles has been kind this month, delivering three great new products to our store. Commander Neyo, STAP with Battle Droid, and the Tusken Raider are available now, and we must admit, this Tusken Raider is the best yet! Also new are Masters of the Universe Classics Frosta and Rattlor.

Several Master Replicas items have been restocked, including the studio scale AT-AT and Luke ROTJ Version 1 saber hilt. Also see a new Vinyl-Cape Jawa AFA 60 and Tri-Logo B-Wing AFA-Qualified 75.

To see more, such as new Star Wars Artwork, visit Brian's Toys.

Brian's Toys is a GalacticBinder site sponsor.
Oct 28, 2012 by adam

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