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GalacticBinder is a free, public and human edited directory of Star Wars websites. The site boasts one of the largest collection of Star Wars links in the world and it's supported by fresh and original content that's updated on a regular basis. The GalacticBinder team monitors its listings diligently making sure the directory maintains only active and relevant sites. is an ally to your domain, and a powerful ally it is:

  • Linking you to prospects that are searching the Star Wars galaxy
  • Serving you with a new revenue stream
Users on qualify themselves: They zero in on their exact needs by looking inside categories and sub- categories to find the listing(s) that fulfill their consumer, informational or entertainment needs.

Due to the tremendous scope of the directory, advertisers gain exposure to people in all areas of Star Wars fandom; many of whom may never have known the advertiser's site existed otherwise! offers several types of ways to advertise:

  • Site of the Day
  • Sponsor Ads (banner or other promotions)
  • Partner Text Ads
Site of the Day

GalacticBinder's Site of the Day advertising feature allows site owners to get front page exposure for their site for a specific day of the week on a monthly basis. For instance, Company XYZ can buy Thursdays in the month of June, and their site will be featured on the front page each Thursday for that month. Site of the Day is a fantastic advertising opportunity for all site owners, especially for those who feature time sensitive events such as conventions, museum exhibits etc. and need a quick blast of exposure to a wide audience.

Price: $5 per specified day/per month. (e.g. Based on the example above, if there are 4 Thursdays in June that year, then the price would be $20).

Click here to sign up for Site of the Day

Sponsor Ads Sponsor Logo

Sponsorship is the way to purchase banner space on GalacticBinder. All banners are run of the site - making them an effective tool for you to reach site visitors with the full spectrum of Star Wars interests.

We offer three Sponsor packages to suit your advertising needs.

Sponsor Package #1 - Left Side Banner Ad

All advertisers whop opt for the left side banner position will receive two distinct banner sizes:

1 - 160x160 pixels (top position)
2 - 160x80 pixels (second position)

The 160x80 ads are randomly sorted on each page load and one advertiser on each load will land in the top position (160x160). This guarantees all site sponsors a random yet equal chance at the top position/larger banner. The ads are run of the site and rotate on each page load.

**Banners must be in gif, jpg or flash formats, be no larger than 40k and must be approved for insertion.

To inquire about purchasing a Left Side Banner Ad please click here.

Sponsor Package #2 - Leaderboard

This "across the top" banner is 728x90. Ads in this position are randomly selected on each page load.

**Banners must be in gif, jpg or flash formats, be no larger than 40k and must be approved for insertion.

To inquire about purchasing a Leaderboard Ad please click here.

Sponsor Package #3 - Podcast Sponsors

Podcast sponsorship is limited, so please check in for availability. Podcast sponsors will hear our amazing hosts personally discuss your products/services. We can also create radio quality commercials with a professional voiceover to be embeded in the show. Sponsoring the podcast also includes a banner ad on the Podcast page.

**Banners must be in gif or jpg formats, be no larger than 13k and be approved for insertion. No animated or flash banners please.

To inquire about purchasing a Podcast Sponsorship please click here.

Partner Text Ads

Do you want your site to stand out from the crowd? Then become a Partner on For a small yearly fee of $12 ($1.00 per month!), your text ad, that links to your site, will appear on every page just below the left block banner ads.

Partner links inside the directory will also display the Partner logo (pictured above) alongside it to catch the attention of GalacticBinder readers.

Yearly Price: $12

To inquire about purchasing a Partner Text Ad pleaseclick here.

If the preceding options do not suit your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us for a custom solution.We're always happy to help!

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