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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review - Season 2, Episode 20: "Death Trap"

Young Boba Fett
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By Chris "HothIcePlanet" Smith  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Original Air Date:
April 23, 2010

Key Players:
Boba Fett, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Admiral Kilian Clone Sergeant Crasher, Clone Cadet Jax, Aurra Sing

Key Locations::
Deep space and orbit over Vanqor

“Who my father was matters less than my memory of him.”

Calm before the storm! A rare and welcome respite from endless battle awaits Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu as they travel through deep space aboard the Jedi cruiser Endurance. Preparing to rendezvous with a Republic frigate, the Jedi remain unaware of a deadly peril lying hidden in their midst…

The Story:
A space ship comes in to dock aboard the cruiser Endurance. Clone Sergeant Crasher is giving a class of young clone cadets a speech about what is expected to be a soldier. Crasher dismisses them until they dock. The small group of ten young cadets makes their way through the corridors, and some start to make teasing comments toward a lone cadet with longer hair named Lucky. As the teasing continues, another cadet named Jax breaks it up and tells the other cadets to mind their business. Lucky and Jax fall to the back of the group and continue to talk with each other.

The Endurance docks with the Republic frigate. The cadets walk aboard led by Clone Sergeant Crasher and are in are in awe of a group of Clone troopers lining the corridors as they exit. One cadet makes the comment, “No need to be nervous. The only thing between us and them is experience. It’s not like they are Jedi.”

With that comment, Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker appear, meet with the cadets and prepare to start a tour of the cruiser with them. Commander Ponds interrupts the Jedi with new orders from Obi-Wan Kenobi. The cadets are stoked to be in the presence of the Jedi. All except Lucky, who has anger in his eyes.

Later at the cruisers gunnery bay, the salty commander of the vessel, Admiral Kilian, addresses the clone cadets. Kilian puts the cadets through some target practice. One clone trooper fires off mechanical skeet targets packed with explosives out into space as the cadets fire on them. The first two cadets fire rapidly at the targets, and both miss wildly. Admiral Kilian tells the cadets there is no match for experience, looks over at cadet Lucky and sees his eyes and comments, “I know that look.” Clone Sergeant Crasher brushes Lucky toward the firing station. The clone trooper fires off the target before Lucky can even get in the chair, but Lucky quickly sits down and focuses as the target gets further away. Lucky aims and fires one shot - destroying the target as the other clone cadets cheer him on. The clone trooper manning the targets fires off three more targets in quick succession. Lucky focuses and fires off three quick shots, destroying all three targets. Sergeant Crasher hushes the cadets and hurries them out of the room as Admiral Kilian comments to the gunner trooper, “Now that is a cadet to watch.”

Sergeant Crasher leads the cadets further on the tour, quizzing them as they go. Lucky falls behind and leaves the tour, and we realize that Lucky is in fact Boba Fett! Boba pulls out a comlink and contacts a woman code named Watcher. Watcher transmits some coordinates to Boba. While moving through the halls alone, Boba runs into two clone troopers and tells them he is to relay a message to General Windu’s quarters. After one clone jokingly tries to intimidate the cadet, the other clone points Boba in the right direction. Boba proceeds to Windu’s quarters and places a device on the inside bottom portion of his door. Boba rejoins the his fellow cadets after passing Mace Windu in the corridors on his way back.

Mace Windu arrives at his quarter’s doorway but is interrupted by a trooper informing him General Skywalker requests his presence on the bridge. Mace hands the trooper a data pad and asks him to put it in his quarters as he walks off. The trooper steps in the room and triggers Boba’s explosive device, which throws him across the hall to his death. Alarms sound throughout the ship. Mace seals off the area and uses the Force to grab the downed trooper and drag him out of the area.

Sergeant Crasher quickly rounds up the cadets and hurries them toward a safe room. As the group is moving through the halls a clone trooper stops to give Sergeant Crasher a status report. Upon hearing Mace Windu survived the attack, Boba is clearly upset.

Meanwhile, Anakin meets Mace in his quarters, and they realize this was no accident. Mace contacts Admiral Kilian by comlink and is told the navigation is damaged but was not the target of the attack. The cruiser holds in orbit over Vanqor for repairs. Upon hearing the report from Admiral Kilian, Anakin feels this is a personal attack on Master Windu.

Later, Boba leaves the group again and contacts Watcher to report he missed his target. She orders Boba to blow the ship’s reactor core, which will destroy the entire vessel. Boba balks; he only wants to kill Mace Windu and doesn’t want to harm the rest of the crew. Watcher tells him if he wants Windu dead then he needs to do as she says.

Back in the control center, Anakin and Mace Windu order all troops to conduct a complete search for the assassin.

Meanwhile, Boba makes his way to the reactor core and is met by clone security once there. Boba claims he is lost, and since the ship is on full lockdown the clone officer contacts someone to escort him back to his group. As the clone officer communicates on his comlink, Boba asks about his weapon, and the clone officer hands it over for him to see, telling him to keep the safety on. With the clone officer distracted, Boba slams him over the head with the trooper’s own weapon, knocking him down and jarring his helmet off. Boba moves in for a shot as the clone officer exclaims, “Don’t shoot…we’re brothers.” Boba’s responds, “We aren’t brothers…” and fires a stun shot knocking him out. Boba proceeds to destroy the core that will start the ship’s destruction. Outside the core, Anakin, Mace and Admiral Kilian are walking the corridors discussing the situation when suddenly an explosion rips open a hole in the cruiser, sucking two clone troopers out into space. Mace Windu uses the Force to catch Admiral Kilian from flying out into space as well. Anakin quickly moves to the hatch to close off the door and plug the hole to space.

Later, Admiral Kilian instructs the group of cadets to evacuate in the escape pods. He tells them this is a drill and they are being timed on how fast they can complete this mission.

Back at the reactor core, Mace and Anakin see there is nothing more that can be done to save the ship and order the clones to evacuate. Anakin orders R2-D2 to prep their star fighters for takeoff.

Boba joins back up with the cadets and evacuates with them in the escape pods. Upon leaving, Boba deploys the drag fins on the pod, damaging it and causing it to fly further off than the other pods.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Mace meet Admiral Kilian on the bridge and attempt to get him to evacuate, but he refuses. He says he will go down with the ship.

Back aboard Boba’s escape pod, the cadets are panicking about what they can do now that they are separated from the others. The Jedi board their star fighters and communicate with Admiral Kilian as he tries to set the cruiser down on the surface of Vanqor. Clone Sergeant Crasher contacts Anakin to inform him he can’t contact the lost pod of cadets. Mace Windu believes the saboteur has gotten to the cadets and goes out in search of the pod.

Back at the lost pod, Slave I appears and docks with it. Once docking is complete, the door opens and Aurra Sing and Bossk appear. The cadets soon realize that Boba was the saboteur. Boba does not want to hurt the cadets, but Aurra forces him to, telling him he can stay behind and she will destroy the pod, or he can come along and leave them for dead. Boba reluctantly leaves the cadets behind.

The cadets can’t believe a clone cadet would betray them. The Jedi soon show up and transmit the pod’s location back to the fleet for pickup. Inside the pod a cadet comments on Boba, “If he is one of us, he will realize he is wrong.”

The Dish:
This is a classic “bridge” episode in the series and is designed to set up the whiz-bang action of the Season 2 finale. As such, the episode doesn’t quite get to the sublime level that the finale will undoubtedly achieve, but this episode still serves its function well and is enjoyable to watch in its own right.

Obviously, the main feature of this episode is the return of a young Boba Fett, who will one day become the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter. It’s interesting to see that Boba’s actions here are purely motivated by revenge for his father’s death, and he seemingly lacks the ruthless killing-machine instincts for which he will later become notorious. Having teamed up with Aurra Sing and Bossk, he proves that he is certainly willing to do what is necessary to exact his revenge on one of the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi ever.

The music in this episode is once again superb. When Boba Fett does his evil deeds in the reactor core and in the escape pod at the end, we hear really creepy, slower nursery rhythm themes. It’s all very well done and the score adds a tremendous amount of emotion to the action.

This episode also delivers some great details about the interior of a Republic frigate, which is reminiscent of the inside of Tantive IV in “A New Hope”. Similarly, the interior of the Republic cruiser reminds us of the interior of the Death Star in “A New Hope”. And even the gunner stations in the gunnery room have a look and feel akin to the gunner stations on everyone’s favorite “flying hamburger”, the Millennium Falcon. All these great little touches the Lucasfilm team gives us in each episode are like presents under the Christmas tree!


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