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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review - Season 2, Episode 22: "Lethal Trackdown"

Aurra Sing
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By Chris "HothIcePlanet" Smith  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Original Air Date:
April 30, 2010

Key Players:
Plo Koon, Ahsoka Tano, Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, Bossk, Hondo Ohnaka, Castas, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Kilian

Key Locations::
Coruscant and Florrum

“Revenge is a confession of pain.”

Lethal trackdown! The young Boba Fett has taken the law into his own hands and made two attempts on the life of Mace Windu, the Jedi Master who killed his father. Boba’s mentor, bounty hunter Aurra Sing, has taken three Republic officers hostage in an effort to force Windu to face Boba on their terms, a tactic that does not sit well with the young vigilante…

The Story:
Sitting in the cockpit aboard Slave I, Boba Fett decides to go back and talk to the hostages. He removes the gag from Admiral Kilian’s mouth and gives him some water. Boba tells him this isn’t what he wanted. Admiral Kilian tells him he doesn’t have to do this; he is not like them. Aurra interrupts and starts beating the hostages.

Meanwhile, at the Jedi Temple medical bay, Anakin and Mace share a room. Anakin tells Mace he should go after Boba and bring him to justice, but Mace says he has the war to contend with. Master Plo and Ahsoka appear and interrupt with some news. Master Plo plays a hologram transmission from Aurra and Boba standing over the hostages at gunpoint. Aurra tells Boba to execute Commander Ponds, but Boba can’t. Aurra doesn’t hesitate and executes him in cold blood. Aurra informs Mace that if he wants the hostages he should come and find them. After realizing lives are at stake, Mace decides he will go after her. Master Plo disagrees with Mace, saying he is too close to this situation. Master Plo tells his fellow Jedi Master that he will go and take Ahsoka with him.

Back in space with Slave I, Aurra jettisons Commander Pond’s body into space. She grabs Boba and tells him the next time she tells him to pull the trigger, he better do it. Another member of their team, Castas, says wants out of the deal and wants to part ways, but Bossk agrees to stay. Aurra tells Bossk they are making a stop and to head to Florrum. Bossk makes the jump into hyperspace.

On Coruscant, Ahsoka and Master Plo are aboard a speeder, but Ahsoka doesn’t understand why they aren’t heading to the last place the bounty hunters were known to be. Master Plo asks her why head to the one place they know the bounty hunters are not. They head down to the underworld of Coruscant in search of Jango Fett's associates, since Aurra was known to have worked with him.

Meanwhile, Slave I arrives on Florrum and the bounty hunters meet Hondo Ohnaka. Aurra plants a big kiss on Hondo, which reveals a past relationship. She introduces Boba to Hondo, who tells Boba he knew his father and that Jango was an honorable man. Then Aurra introduces Castas and says he is getting off here. They proceed inside a bar to discuss business. Aurra and Hondo stop at the bar, while Castas contacts his friend, Fong Do, on a public holo-transceiver. Castas tells him he is through with Aurra and starts to tell him he has some info for sale. Back at the bar, Aurra and Hondo discuss the republic cruiser that went down, and Aurra listens in on Castas’s conversation using a tiny receiver. Before he can tell his friend about her, she pulls out a gun and kills Castas. Boba looks on with despair at Aurra’s coldness.

Back on Coruscant, Ahsoka and Master Plo arrive at yet another bar. Master Plo tells Ahsoka to be more subtle, saying that her lack of subtlety is a bad trait she has learned from her master. Once inside, Master Plo goes to talk with the bartender, while Ahsoka uses her Jedi skills to listen in on various conversations throughout the bar. She hears several conversations before settling in on a conversation with Fong Do and a weequay talking about Castas on Florrum. After talking for a few minutes, the two realize Ahsoka is listening, and they grab her. Ahsoka breaks free and Fong Do pulls out a pair of knives, causing several patrons to pull their weapons. Ahsoka backs up to the center of the bar where Plo ignites his lightsaber and says, “Stand down.” Fong Do says the Jedi can’t take the entire bar down, and Master Plo asks Fong if he would like to try and test that theory. As the Jedi start to back their way out, Ahsoka grabs a handful of credits and tosses it in the air as a distraction. Once outside, Master Plo starts to chastise her, but Ahsoka tells him what she has heard, and they are off to Florrum.

On Florrum, Hondo and Aurra are discussing her predicament in his quarters. Bossk contacts Aurra with news that a Jedi shuttle has arrived. Aurra asks Hondo if he is in or out. Hondo says he won’t help her on this, but he also won’t hinder her either.

Master Plo and Ahsoka land on Florrum and are met by Hondo, who tells them what is going on because he wants no part of this situation. Master Plo and Ahsoka proceed inside the bar, and Master Plo sits down at a table with Aurra as Ahsoka watches from afar. Once Master Plo sits down, Boba puts a gun to the back of his head and threatens him, but Master Plo doesn’t seem worried at all. Boba says he wants Windu and asks Master Plo why he is here. Master Plo tells Boba they can do this the difficult way or the simple way. Aurra contacts Bossk by her comlink and tells him to execute the hostages if she gives the word.

Master Plo says, “You have already lost and don’t even know it.” Aurra is prepared to kill him and the hostages and do whatever it takes to get what Boba wants. Ahsoka jumps in from behind, severs Aurra’s antenna and puts her lightsaber to Aurra’s throat.

At Slave I, Bossk can’t contact Aurra and tells the hostages if he doesn’t hear from her soon, he will be gone and they will be dead.

Back inside the bar, Boba tells Ahsoka to let Aurra go, but Ahsoka won’t. Aurra tells Boba not to worry because Ahsoka isn’t like them. Ahsoka agrees; she isn’t a murderer. In anger, Boba says he isn’t a murderer either, and he just wants justice. Aurra makes a move under the table with some rocket darts in her boots. Seeing this, Boba fires a shot at Ahsoka, causing her to deflect it with her lightsaber. Aurra knocks Ahsoka back, firing her rocket darts as a distraction, then pulls her two blasters and fires on Ahsoka. Ahsoka deflects the shots with her lightsaber. Master Plo then pushes Boba back and uses the Force to push the table between the two women. He pulls his lightsaber, quickly cuts Aurra’s guns in half and holds Aurra at lightsaber point. But Boba tosses in a small detonator, causing everyone to scatter. Aurra runs and tells Boba to hurry behind her. Boba runs after her, but Master Plo pulls him back using the Force. Aurra pauses but then abandons him. Ahsoka runs after her. Master Plo asks Boba where the hostages are, but all he can say is, “She left me.”

Aurra boards a speeder bike and takes off, but Ahsoka is hot on her heels on another speeder bike. Master Plo brings Boba to Hondo to see if Hondo can get him to reveal where the hostages are. Hondo tells Boba that he should reveal where they are because it is what his father would have wanted. Boba gives in and tells them.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka is still after Aurra on speeder bikes. Master Plo contacts Ahsoka, telling her where to go, and Ahsoka breaks off to go after the hostages. Ahsoka quickly arrives at the hostages, distract Bossk and cuts the hostages free with her lightsaber. Admiral Kilian grabs Bossk’s gun and holds him at gunpoint. Aurra then flies her speeder directly into the other speeder, causing an explosion. She proceeds to jump aboard Slave I and starts to lift off. Ahsoka jumps onto the ship, and Aurra tries to toss her off as Ahsoka slices off one of the ship’s stabilizers with her lightsaber. Ahsoka jumps up onto the cockpit and stabs her lightsaber through the window. Aurra pulls a blaster and starts firing, causing Ahsoka to fall off. Aurra can’t keep control of the ship, which plummets to the ground behind a nearby hill and explodes in a fireball.

Later, at the Jedi temple, Master Plo escort the two prisoners Bossk and Boba onto the landing platform. Mace approaches, and Boba says, “I see now I have done terrible things, but you started this when you murdered my father. I’ll never forgive you.” Mace comments with despair, “Well, you’re going to have to.”

The Dish:
Okay, let’s do the review in classic Clone Wars newsreel style. You must “hear” Tom Kane’s narrator voice inside your head as you read this. Ready… here goes:

Season finale! Lucasfilm delivers another exciting episode to finish off a tremendous second season. Boba Fett is finally captured by the unflappable duo of Master Plo Koon and Ahsoka Tano, with events revealing the depths of just how lost young Fett really is. Will the wicked and ruthless Aurra Sing be back for season three to exact revenge on the Jedi? Stay tuned for season three to find out….


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