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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review - Season 2, Episode 11: Lightsaber Lost

Cassie Cryar
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By Chris "HothIcePlanet" Smith  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Original Air Date:
January 22, 2010

Key Players:
Ahsoka Tano, Master Tera Sinube, Ione Marcy and Cassie Cryar

Key Locations::
Coruscant's Underworld

“Easy isn’t always simple.”

War creates opportunity for the criminal underworld! Ruthless mercenaries conspire with the Separatists to disrupt and exploit the unstable situation within the Republic.

Now, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano descend into the treacherous gangster havens in an effort to find a corrupt and vile arms dealer. Who is buying weapons on the black market and selling them to the Republic’s enemies…

The Story:
In Coruscant’s district G17, Anakin and Ahsoka are searching for Car Affa, a Weequay who has been known to sell Republic weaponry to the Separatists. The two Jedi come to a bar where Anakin goes inside to apprehend their man, while Ahsoka waits outside. A moment later, gunfire and commotion ensue and patrons from the bar start running out. In the process Ahsoka is knocked down and realizes her lightsaber is gone. As she runs after the thief, she gets to the end of the street and realizes she has no idea where he went. Ahsoka then worries her Master is going to kill her for losing her lightsaber. She rushes back to meet Anakin and hides the fact she lost her lightsaber.

Once back at the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka asks Anakin if it is alright if she goes to the library and does some research. Anakin agrees to handle the prisoner while she heads off.

Ahsoka and Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian, fruitlessly search in the Jedi Archives through the city databases for the thief. Ahsoka doesn’t know much about the thief, and Jocasta isn’t familiar with the criminal underworld. Jocasta suggests she ask Jedi Master Tera Sinube, an elder Jedi who is an expert on the subject of Coruscant’s underworld. When they reach Master Sinube’s table, Ahsoka notices he is asleep, but he quickly grumbles awake. Jocasta introduces them and Ahsoka asks for his help. She then gives him all the details she can – basically that the thief is from an Aquatic world. Master Sinube uses his expertise to locate a thief named Bannamu. Ahsoka thanks Master Sinube for the help, but he insists on going with her on her mission.

Ahsoka and Master Sinube arrive at an outside café run by a Quarren named Lauli. Ahsoka asks if Lauli knows where she can buy a lightsaber. He asks her to come with him around to the back where he and his Twi’lek friend await. Lauli says he can get her one for 20,000 credits. Ahsoka claims she will just take it. By this time the two realize they are dealing with Jedi, and they claim they were just doing a favor for a friend and point the two Jedi in the right direction.

Ahsoka and Master Sinube arrive at a nearby place called the Spider Arms Hostel, where Bannamu lives. Master Sinube uses a Jedi mind trick on the desk clerk to get past without a fuss. Ahsoka is extremely frustrated and won’t shut up. Master Sinube gently scolds her, telling her she needs to quiet her mind to be able to feel where Bannamu is. By this point they are at his apartment door. Ahsoka then uses the Force to throw open the doors and surprise Bannamu. Ahsoka is not patient at all and uses the Force to throw him up against the wall. Bannamu squeals and tells her he sold the lightsaber to a Trandoshan named Nack Movers who is a killer.

Ahsoka rushes trying to get to Nack Movers’ place, because she is worried that if he kills anyone with her lightsaber, she will be responsible for their death as well. Once they reach his place they see his door lock has been broken. Inside they find him dead on the floor, and they discover a female alien named Ione Marcy hiding nearby. She claims she came home and found him dead. Ahsoka searches the apartment for anyone else and runs into another female named Cassie Cryar who has her lightsaber. Cassie can’t figure out how to turn it on and freaks out once she realizes Ahsoka is a Jedi. Cassie then jumps out the window and Ahsoka rushes after her. Cassie is running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, but Ahsoka keeps up the chase. Ahsoka radios back to Master Sinube to let him know she found her lightsaber and is in chase of the female who has it.

Master Sinube is surprised that the thief is a female and begins to wonder about Ione’s involvement. Master Sinube sneakily attaches a tracking device to her back. Sinube keeps grilling the now very uncomfortable Ione about her story and the details she has been giving. He informs her he has contacted the police and they will be here shortly.

Ahsoka is still chasing Cassie out in the Coruscant skies through heavy traffic over some hovering holographic billboards. Ahsoka briefly gets stuck on one of the billboards and has to jump onto a passing vehicle in order to get free of the billboard.

Back in Nack Movers’ apartment, Master Sinube accuses Ione of being a part of the murder. Ione activates a button on her wrist which is a remote start for her air speeder. Ione takes off out the window before the police droids can catch her and radios Cassie to see where to pick her up. They both get away for now.

Master Sinube borrows a speeder from one of the police droids, picks up slightly dejected Ahsoka and heads off after the villains. Master Sinube drives extremely slowly and is in no hurry, aggravating Ahsoka to no end. But Master Sinube continues to preach patience and informs Ahsoka he has placed a tracking device on Ione.

The two Jedi reach the train station after following the tracking device to the location. Once there, Ahsoka spots Ione and Cassie and yells out to the police droids close by to stop them. The police droids can only grab hold of Ione, and Ahsoka takes off after Cassie once again. Cassie jumps onto a passing train with Ahsoka close behind. Cassie breaks into the train through one of the windows and grabs a Twi’lek mother and child, and holding them hostage. Ahsoka offers to trade herself for the two hostages, but Cassie refuses. By this time the train is coming to a stop and Cassie moves toward the door. Cassie discards the hostages and opens the train door. Waiting on the other side of the door is Master Sinube, who pulls his lightsaber out of his cane, disarms Cassie very quickly and knocks her down. Ahsoka grabs her lightsaber up off the ground and thanks Master Sinube.

Back at the Jedi Temple Master Sinube asks Ahsoka for a favor – to share her lesson learned to a group of younglings training with Master Yoda. Ahsoka gladly obliges.

The Dish:
Overall, this episode had some very intriguing facets to it, but there certainly are some problems and timing issues with the episode as well.

Being a one shot episode with no real bearing on the series’ storyline, the placement of the episode in the middle of the second season seems odd. It basically slammed the breaks on the momentum of the series as a whole. Wouldn’t it have played better in the first half of season one?

Dramatically speaking, the episode lacked serious stakes. Because there are at least four villains in the episode – with varying degrees of screen time – the episode seemed to wander a bit. Clearly the “detectives on the case” tone works here, and such is the nature of detectives to follow clues, but if we learned that Cassie was an agent of General Grievous instead of a no-name street criminal, the episode’s stakes would have been elevated.

Also, the episode had some glaring plausibility issues. For instance, Ahsoka loses her lightsaber, which is fine, but the second she runs into Cassie with it in her hand, Ahsoka could and should have used the Force to yank the saber away when Cassie was distracted trying to turn it on. Episode over. Did Ahsoka just panic and forget her training? Seems implausible considering some of the difficult positions she’s been in, but if so, maybe that’s something that should have discussed with Master Sinube.

On the positive side, this episode delivers some unique new characters in Master Sinube and the female villains. It’s nice to know some Jedi don’t die young and that Master Yoda has some elderly friends! Sinube’s message of patience is one that certainly warranted an episode to be explored. The character designs of the female villains were excellent; Ione’s vertical eyelids and Cassie’s sewn jaw were both very cool!

Also, it was nice to get to see a little bit of the Coruscant criminal underworld that has been hinted in many Star Wars books and films.


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