Star Wars Celebration VII

Editorial Review Policy welcomes Star Wars and Clone Wars oriented news submissions.  To submit news for consideration please email a staff member by visiting our staff page and clicking on any name to open an email to that person. Please place "News Submission" in the subject line of the email.

Since GalacticBinder is a website that receives news submissions from individuals and organizations, we follow a clear editorial policy before publishing articles.

All submissions are held in a queue until approved by an editor.  Please follow these guidelines and policies when submitting:

  1. All editorial decisions rest with the staff of
  2. Submit original  content only. Do not plagiarize or copy the work of others.
  3. All content must be Star Wars or Clone Wars related to be included.
  4. Include a citation to any third party references.
  5. You may link to external websites that are relevant to story content only.
  6. Content may not be pornographic, illegal, vulgar or include hate speech.
  7. All submissions must be factual.
  8. No gratuitous self promotion will be allowed.
  9. Proper spelling and grammar are a must.
  10. Original analysis in news reports is highly encouraged.

Your content may be re-formatted by the staff to meet technical or editorial requirements. 

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