Star Wars Celebration VII

An Interview With Marc Ecko

Ecko LogoWhether you're walking on the Sunset strip in Los Angeles or you're at a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, you've seen people wearing Marc Ecko apparel.  In fact, you've probably had the Ecko brand on your back at some point yourself.  After all, Marc Ecko is a global force in fashion and continues to expand the horizons of that industry and set the trends of tomorrow.   He embodies the defintion of the word "entrepreneur" and is a true renaissance man.  Marc's business interest range from magazines to fashion lines to interactive entertainment.  Also, his philanthropic work has been and continues to be remarkable - including his work to help reverse the plight of the world's rhinoceros population, which explains his use of the animal in several different Ecko logos.

Well, one thing you may or may not know about Marc is that he's a huge Star Wars fan.  We recently had a chance to ask him a few questions about his passion for a certain galaxy far, far away and how he translated that passion to his Star Wars line of apparel.

GB: Thanks for being with us, Marc. Let’s jump right in. We’ve heard your office has some sweet Star Wars swag in it – including a life size Stormtrooper. What other Star Wars stuff is stashed in there, and do you have any specific interests when it comes to Star Wars merchandise? Props? Artwork?

ME: My Carravagio painting of the "Inspiration of St. Paul"--- where I have George Lucas recast as Paul. Thats a good one. Also--- I own the original foam model of Yoda.

Ecko Star Wars HoodiesEcko Stormtrooper T-Shirt

GB: You once said, “My way is kinda to embody the lifestyle and work my way up.” Give all of us some insight into the genesis of you designing the Star Wars line of hoodies, tees and other apparel you currently have on the market and how your earlier statement applies to this project.

ME: My story is the underdog story. Typically, in fashion, you create an abstraction of the brand that is so limited in access---that it creates "halo". Either that item or idea is too expensive, or "too avante garde" to wear. IT'S A PYRAMID PHILOSOPHY. Top down. I've built my pyramid as more of a tower. Working my way up, one floor at a time. Working with the brand "Star Wars" totally fits that philosophy. It is a large, populist brand, with a tremendous effect on popular culture.

GB: You’ve obviously loved Star Wars from a young age. You’re a global trendsetter, and you’ve even been called, “The cultural navigator for the next generation of young men.” Well, Star Wars fans are often called “geeks”, and there’s a huge social stereotype we’re all nerds living in our parents’ basement. So, once and for all, is being a Star Wars fan cool? If so, has it always been?

ME: Yes. It is cool, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be a Star Wars fan...or a lover of any narrative based fantasy. Star Wars illicits all sorts of emotions and levels of fandom from people. Any subject that does that, in such a profound way---that has in fact influenced pop culture, style, technology, story telling--- in the way that Star Wars has, is IN FACT cool. That fact that a brand can have that much juice is awe inspiring. I don't care how "geeky" around the edges it may seem, it is cool. Vader is a bad ass. Who doesnt want to be Boba Fett? Who wouldnt want to have a saber on their hip? Cool is an understatement.

Marc EckoLando Calrissian

GB: Finally, here’s a question we’re asking to everyone we interview at GalacticBinder. If you were transported into the Star Wars universe… what era/location and/or setting would you like to end up in, and what’s the first thing you’d do and with whom?

ME: I would end up on Cloud City chilling with Lando, macking the ladies. I have had that dream before. I am not even kidding.

GB: That's awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions and we hope to see the Ecko Star Wars line continue to grow and thrive.


For fans who are intersted in purchasing items from Marc's awesome Star Wars line of clothing, please be sure to visit, which is the online division of Marc Ecko Enterprises, a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company. carries Marc Ecko’s core clothing brands: Ecko Unltd., their flagship brand; Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, a contemporary menswear line and Ecko Red; trendy clothes for young women. The website also includes MEE Limited Edition lines and licenses: Playboy, Star Wars, Halo, Black Rhino Collection, Skeletal Metal, G-Unit, Rutgers, the Warriors and more. Visit to shop now.


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