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An Interview With Courtney Cruz

Courtney CruzWe’re happy to have with us Courtney Cruz, who is the founder of The Devil’s Playground, a burlesque troupe operating in the Los Angeles area. Recently, the group lit up the Internet when news broke about their latest show, titled “Star Warz Burlesque & Cabaret”. The performance featured characters from everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away… and it left people buzzing.

GB: Thanks for joining us, Courtney. Let’s jump right in with the obvious question. Star Wars + burlesque… not something most people had thought about before your show. Tell us about what inspired the idea.

CC: I’m a big fan of pop culture. I’m inspired by art on every level. Music, film, comics, cartoons… you name it.

GB: Well, clearly the idea has been a huge success for you. You practically lit the web on fire over the past month! You’re about to hold an encore performance of the show at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Your first show was back in January at the downtown Los Angeles club, Bordello. Why the change in venue?

CC: Well, the first show was such a huge success… so much so we turned away hundreds of people. I love the Bordello and it has been our home for 2 years, but we decided to take the show to the Music Box so we could really go for it with the production. The show on Friday will not be the same show people saw in January. We have turned it into a full scale theatrical production! More characters as well as stage sets and props.

GB: So for Star Wars fans (21 and older) who aren’t initiated in the whole burlesque scene, what can they expect when they attend one of your shows… specifically your Star Wars show?

CC: You will see all the main characters from Star Wars 4, 5, 6. A story will unfold before you … one you have never heard before. It’s going to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

GB: Have you caught any negative feedback from the Star Warz show? Obviously Lucasfilm has taken great care to market the property in a “family friendly” and “all audiences” way. While we at GB keep our site PG-13ish, we feel there’s a place for sexy in the Star Wars universe. Considering George put Carrie Fisher in the gold bikini, we think he’d agree on some level. But have you encountered folks who aren’t as open-minded?

CC: Here and there. I know that what we do is not for everyone, and that’s okay. For every one person who doesn’t enjoy it, there are 100 who do appreciate it and are entertained by it.

Courtney Cruz Burlesque Stormtrooper
(Image via LA Weekly)

GB: So how big of a Star Wars fan are you and the other members of the troupe? Are you guys fluent in geek speak?

CC: I know I grew up on Saturday mornings watching the movies on the couch eating Captain Crunch with my brothers. Great memories! The other girls are big fans as well. When I told them we were doing Star Warz as the next theme, they all knew exactly who they wanted to be on stage. Some of them already had some of the costume pieces.

GB: Be honest… which cast member(s) from the Star Wars films would you like to perform for the most and why? Or would you have to choose George Lucas himself?

CC: LOL! Great question! Always had a thing for Harrison Ford, but Peter Mayhew who played Chewie would be fun too.

GB: Finally, here’s our closing question we ask to everyone we interview at GalacticBinder. If you were transported into the Star Wars universe… what era/location and/or setting would you like to end up in, and what’s the first thing you’d do and with whom?

CC: I would want to be in the Death Star having a shot of whiskey with Vader while dressed up in my Stormtrooper costume……. LOL

GB: Courtney, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. “Break a leg” in your upcoming performance!

CC: Thanks so much! See you in that galaxy far, far away……… aka Hollywood.

What:    Devil’s Playground Presents Star Warz Burlesque & Cabaret
Date:     Friday, March 12, 2010
Time:     Doors at 9:00 p.m. | Post-Show Meet & Greet with Photos 11:15 p.m.
Where:  The Music Box @ Fonda | 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA | 323-464-0808

For more information about Courtney Cruz and The Devil's Playground, please visit


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