Star Wars Celebration VII

Olly Moss At Show

Olly Moss Art Show On May 7th, 2011, Gallery 1988 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California hosted the very first U.S. gallery show for a young British artist (only 24 years old!) named Olly Moss. Moss, who has really "blown up" on the art scene in the past couple years largely due to his work for major clients including the Alamo Drafthouse, has become a well know name to Star Wars fans for the trio of licensed Star Wars prints he created via Mondo. That set sold out in mere seconds and commands a staggering amount on the seconday market.

The crowd at the event was sensational. Some diehard fans slept outside overnight to get first dibs at Moss' pieces that awaited them inside the gallery. To heighten the suspense, Moss decided not to release a preview of the show and the gallery even blacked out the front windows to preserve the mystery.

Once inside the gallery, people were met by cleverly fashioned silhouttes of iconic characters, which was Moss' celebration of all things pop culture. With over 150 original pieces at the show, there was something for everyone... including those of us who love The Force. 

Interestingly, while most single character pieces at the show were priced in the $200 range, the Jar Jar Binks piece was listed at only 99 cents, but it cost the patron who purchased it his dignity!

Before we get to images from the event, here's a look at the the trio of prints Moss did for Mondo that put his on the map for most Star Wars fans. If you covet these, please be prepared to shell out some serious coin to get ahold of them.

Olly Moss Art Show

Here are the Star Wars highlights from the gallery show:


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