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The dedicated staff of GalacticBinder works hard to maintain the largest Star Wars directory in the world and bring you a steady stream of news, interviews, articles and fun (we stress the fun part).

If you are intersted in joining the staff here at GalacticBinder, please contact one of the site founders below for details. All skill sets are welcome to apply. Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Become a directory editor
  • Write articles, reviews or commentary on your favorite part of the Star Wars Universe (e.g. comics, video games, costuming)
  • Become a site correspondant (written and/or photographic) at Star Wars themed events (e.g. conventions, charity events or premieres).
  • Coordinate social media efforts
Click on any staff member's name below to email that person directly.
Tommy Trojan Pete (aka Swabie) 
Pete has deep roots in the Star Wars and Hollywood communities and has maintained an online presence for well over a decade. With a degree from the University of Southern California (George Lucas' alma mater), he currently oversees site development and content management for GalacticBinder. He has annually attended San Diego Comic-Con dating back to 1992 and enjoys having astromech droids over to his home to entertain his two children.
Syracuse Orange Mascot Doug 
Doug’s Far East upbringing and shogun training were a ready fit for the ways of the Jedi. Doug, who holds a degreee from Syracuse University, uses his unique skills to direct GalacticBinder’s sales and marketing. He is also a frequent contributor to the news and top lists.
Brutus Buckeye Adam (aka Brutus) 
Staff Writer/Special Projects Manager
Adam joined GalacticBinder as a staff writer and special projects manager in January of 2009. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Adam's interest in Star Wars formed at a very young age. A diehard fan, he has attended several of the charity premieres of the Star Wars prequel films and claims he would be the grand champion of Star Wars "Jeopardy!" (if such a thing existed).
Cupboard Under the Stairs Jeffery 
Staff Writer/Comic Book Reviewer
Jeffery was raised in a locked cupboard under the stairs with a box full of sandwiches and Star Wars playing on an endless loop. That’s all the learnin’ he needed. He is currently a writer living in Los Angeles and spends his free time challenging people to duels with hollow plastic tubes.
Luke Skywalker on TaunTaun Chris  (aka HothIceplanet)
Podcast Host/Staff Writer/Television Reviewer
Born and raised in Tennessee, Chris joined the staff in late 2009.  He currently handles the written reviews for the animated Clone Wars series and is the co-host (with Matt Krienke) of GalacticBinder's "The Sarlacc Pit" podcast. He spend his spare time training tauntauns for the annual tauntaun races on Hoth. is owned and operated by Rogue Ventures, LLC. If you need to reach us by mail please email a site founder for the address by clicking their name above.

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