Star Wars Celebration VII

2nd Annual Star Wars Music Video Festival

2nd Annual Star Wars Music Video Festival PosterIt's back! Star Wars Youtubers unite for the 2nd Annual Star Wars Music Video Festival. The “Sarlacc Pit” podcast and are proud to present this unifying festival to showcase the superb talents of our vast community. 

Amateur fans will create a music video using only Star Wars or Clone Wars video and /or images. Select a song or piece of music of your choice and add video to it. You can use original music if you wish. No fan films will be included, which means no self shot video at all. You may use interview video or audio, but audio must be included in addition with your song or piece of music you choose.

  • #1: Star Wars Battle Tribute
    Mikael SjobergLink
    Won: sony imagination studio version 4

  • #2: UltraNumb
    Won: sony imagination studio version 4

  • #3: Badass Star Wars
    Jonathan Bakay (aka NeoZource)
    Won: sony movie studio platinum version 12

  • #4: The Game of Boba Fett- Official High Adventure Music Video
    Daniel Georgiev
    Won: sony movie studio version 11

  • #5: The Force Unleashed 2 Instrumental
    David Bors
    Won: sony moviEZ HD

  • Fan Voted Favorite: Galen's Journey
    Colin Gipson-Tansil
    Won: Gentle Giant CVI Exclusive Lando Calrissian 12" Jumbo Kenner action figure
Watch Current Submissions

Video Submission Official Rules:

  • 1. Video submission dates: August 1, 2012 - November 1, 2012 (extended from October 1, 2012).
  • 2. Videos must be brand new and cannot be viewable on You Tube before August 1, 2012. You can submit an older video (not one entered in previous year) if you re-edit it to fit our criteria to make it brand new.
  • 3. No nudity, obscene or vulgar language in videos or audio (including aurebesh).
  • 4. Must be an amateur.
  • 5. Video length between 2:30 and 5:00 (in minutes).
  • 6. No fan films (which means no self shot video).
  • 7. Videos must have a link leading back to this page somewhere in the videos description.
  • 8. Once posted on You Tube, please send the You Tube link of your video, your video's title, the length of your video and your real name to for submission. All approved videos will be embedded on with links back to your You Tube video page. Link to all videos will be on this page and posted as they come in and are approved.
  • 9. All videos will be approved by "Sarlacc Pit" podcast and staff.
Other Guidelines:

Accepted video may include:
  • Star Wars video/images
  • Clone Wars Tartakovsky video/images
  • Clone Wars current series video/images
  • Any Star Wars/Clone Wars video game video/images
  • Star Wars interview video/images
  • Star Wars/Clone Wars Commercials video/images
  • Star Wars/Clone Wars Kenner/Hasbro Commercials included
  • Video may include audio (ie. sound effects, dialog) or not- your choice
  • You may use more than one song or piece of music
  • NO cursing in music you choose. If cursing is in the song you choose, you MUST bleep it out so that it is not heard
Star Wars Music Video Festival Categories:
  • Best Use of a Song
  • Best Use of an Instrumental Song
  • Best Editing
  • Best Original Trilogy Video
  • Best Prequel Trilogy Video
  • Best Clone Wars Video
  • Best Video Game Video
  • Fan Favorite Video (strictly voted by the fans)
  • Best Video
Star Wars Music Video Festival Prizes:

We are very proud to announce that Sony Creative has once again generously decided to sponsor the festival. Details on products and prizes to be announced soon! In the meantime, check out some of their amazing software.

Sony Sound Forge Pro  Spectral Layers Pro  Pixelcast

Star Wars Music Video Festival Judges:

Will be anonymous and will NOT be announced.

Good luck... and May the Force Be With You!

Finally, to get inspired before you begin, check out our "Best Video" winner from last year - Star Wars AC/DC by Mikael Sjoberg!


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