Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 10 Biggest Star Wars Sights on the San Diego Comic-Con Convention Floor

Go big or go home!  We've all heard that catch phrase before.  Well, nowhere is that saying more relevant than when talking about the presence of Star Wars on the convention floor of San Diego Comic-Con.   

Star Wars has been a part of San Diego Comic-Con since Lucasfilm marketing guru Charles Lippincott introduced it at a presentation there back in 1976.  He intended to drum up support for the yet to be released film by promoting a new Star Wars comic book from Marvel.  He also sold a limited edition poster at the convention for all of $1.75 that featured original art by Howard Chaykin.  Most of the 1,000 posters didn't sell, but SDCC had seen its first Star Wars exclusive!  From those humble beginnings, the presence of Star Wars at SDCC has grown to be enourmous.  So enjoy our favorite "big" things (past and present) from the show room floor!

Honorable Mention

Hit List: Everyone's favorite Wookiee seemingly always has a "huge" presence on the floor of Comic-Con. With Peter Mayhew being a mainstay at the convention and photo ops with those in Chewie costume... everyone walking the floor looks up at Chewbacca at one point or another.

Chewbacca and Boush Comic-Con  Chewbacca and Boush Comic-Con  Chewbacca and Boush Comic-Con


Clone Wars Race Car

Hit List: Start your engines! In 2008, convention goers were treated to a glimpse of a Clone Wars race car on the Comic-Con floor. If that's not "big" we don't know what is. The car was actually driven by Marco Andretti in the IRL at the Grand Prix of Sonoma.

Clone Wars Formula 1 Car


Star Wars Signs and Banners

Hit List: One of the first things a Comic-Con virgin will notice when walking onto the convention floor are the massive signs and banners draped from the ceiling and from the framework of the massive exhibits. No brand's signage is more prominent than Star Wars!

Cartoon Network Clone Wars Sign Comic-Con
Star Wars Sideshow Collectibles Sign Comic-Con


Star Wars Lego Monuments

Hit List: What would Comic-Con be without the brick? Lego's booth is always eye-popping, and their yearly Star Wars Lego monuments possibly host more photo ops than anything else on the floor!

Lego Darth Vader Monument  Lego R2-D2 Monument


Star Wars Art

Hit List: For those of us who dream of hanging some amazing Star Wars art over the mantel, Comic-Con is the place to see your dream up close and personal. ACME Archives, the holder of the Star Wars fine art license, exhibits a prodigous display of Star Wars art, including massive pieces like this Darth Vader by artist Christian Waggoner.

Darth Vader Art


Life-Size Star Wars Action Figure Bubbles

Hit List: Hasbro hit the bullseye when they began featuring life-size Star Wars action figure bubbles on the convention floor. Lines of fans eagerly wait to take their turn to step in and become a human action figure. So much for 3 3/4" scale!

Star Wars Life-Size Action Figure Bubble Star Wars Life-Size Action Figure Bubble Comic-Con


Star Wars Costuming Photo Ops

Hit List: You had to know this one was coming! One of the biggest sensations every year at SDCC has become the Slave Leia group photo. Sponsored by our pal Jamin at (which is where this photo's credit goes to) the Leia shoot is massive. G4 has actually covered it on television, with Olivia Munn judging the event to find the best slave girl.

Slave Leia Group Photo San Diego Comic-COn


Star Wars Displays and Dioramas

Hit List: Many Star Wars collectors spend days building custom action figure dioramas and displays in their collection rooms. But year in and year out, the floor of San Diego Comic-Con proves to be the major leagues for Star Wars displays.

Star Wars Trooper Display
Hasbro Star Wars Action Figure Display San Diego Comic-Con


Star Wars Exclusive Swag

Hit List: Most swag isn't that physically big. But the buzz surrounding it certainly can be! Some people would argue that Comic-Con has become too commercial - too much about the swag. Others would vehemently disagree. So in that case, there's folks who'll think this should either be at the top of the list or off it altogether (depending on their point of view). Either way, nothing whips Star Wars fans into a frenzy like a Comic-Con exclusive. As we stated in the intro, Howard Chaykin's poster back in 1976 started the Star Wars SDCC exclusive parade, but we also have to give credit to Gentle Giant's Clone Trooper Lieutenant mini-bust from 2003 which elevated the exclusive hype to blockbuster status!

Star Wars Howard Chaykin San Diego Comic-Con Poster Clone Trooper Lieutenant Mini-Bust


Life-Size Star Wars Maquettes and Statues

Hit List: Much of the credit for this phenomenon can be attributed to the folks at Gentle Giant Ltd. Quite simply, they revel in wowing the crowd with life-size displays. Over the years they've astounded convention goers with the likes of many characters, but all pale in comparison to their Jabba the Hutt. He's a true SDCC convention floor landmark!

Life-size Ahsoka Comic-Con  Life-size Clone Trooper Comic-Con  Life-size Leia Maquette Comic-Con 
Life-size Jabba the Hutt Comic-Con 


The Lucasfilm Pavilion

Hit List: Ground zero on the SDCC floor for Star Wars fans is the Lucasfilm Pavilion. On a masive convention floor, it will once again be the largest dedicated space. Where else on the floor would you be able to see a full scale X-Wing fighter?!!!!

Lucasfilm Pavilion
Full Scale X-Wing SDCC

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