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Top 10 Star Wars Santa Claus Crossovers

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a... Stormtrooper???????

Ho! Ho! Ho! With Christmas in the air, children young and old are dreaming about what jolly ol' Saint Nick might leave under their Christmas tree this year. A Force FX lightsaber? Maybe a few Star Wars action figures or video games? And don't forget to wish for a Star Wars coloring book tucked into your stocking with care.

Christmas and Star Wars have a long history together, and what's more festive than seeing a Santa hat on your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away.  Here's a few of our favorites.

Honorable Mention
Santa Claus Versus Darth Vader

Hit List: Who knew Santa had Force lightning abilities? Our money's on Vader in this one... unless Santa gets help from some of his Force sensitive elves.

Santa versus Darth Vader
(Via iMac-Jazz at Deviant Art)


Animated Slave Leia Santa

Hit List: Okay, she's definitely on Santa's "naughty" list this year.

Slave Leia Merry Christmas
(Via Slave Princess at Deviant Art)


Santa Vader Bobble Heads

Hit List: With these Santa Vader bobble heads by Funko on your desk at work, you will certainly be the most festive person in your office. Santa Vader (without gift) is an exclusive from from Entertainment Earth, and you can pick up Santa Vader (with gifts) there too!

Darth Santa Claus Bobble Head Santa Maul Bobble Head


Santa Maul

Hit List: This guy is a dead ringer (pun intended) for Santa. But Santa Maul probably isn't who children (or parents) are hoping to see when they head to their local mall (another pun intended) for their annual Christmas picture. You do have to admit that the bow tie is quite festive.

Santa Maul
(Via Cheddarcheez's Photostream at Flickr)


Jedi Santa

Hit List: Finally a Santa that has embraced the light side of the Force!

Jedi Santa
(Via Smaddy's Photostream at Flickr)


Lego Star Wars Santas

Hit List: Santa will have so many Star Wars Legos in his sack this year, his sleigh may not make it off the launching pad. Rudolph and the gang better be in great shape because everyone loves the brick!

Star Wars Lego Santa and Stormtroopers
(Via sketchesofcoop's Photostream at Flickr)

Lego Santa Vader


Action Figure Santas (Inspired By Lucasfilm Christmas Cards)

Hit List: Santa Yoda carrying a bag full of toys and R2-D2 as a reindeer with Santa Threepio are two of the classic toys Hasbro has produced based on Ralph McQuarrie's amazing artwork used as Lucasfilm Christmas cards.

Santa Yoda Action Figure  R2-D2 Reindeer Santa C3PO Action Figures

Musical Max Rebo Santa Mini-Bust

Hit List: As cool as action figures are, this musical mini-bust is the big time! A Christmas gift from Gentle Giant Ltd to special friends of the company, Santa Rebo plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" on his keyboard and somewhere Jabba rolls over in his grave.


Santa Troopers

Hit List: We're assuming that these guys are from the North Pole Garrison of the 501st Legion.

Imperial Christmas

Stormtrooper Santa  Stormtrooper Bearded Santa
(Top via thecrow65 at Deviant Art
Bottom right via roger g1's Photostream at Flickr)


Santa Grievous

Hit List: With a nasty cough he just can't kick, Santa Grievous is certain to wake up every Who in Who-ville when he slides down the chimney!

Santa Grievous
(Via zgul-osr1113 at Deviant Art)

Lucasfilm Christmas Card Santas

Hit List: There's no doubt about number one on our list. Ralph McQuarrie's iconic artwork on Lucasfilm's Christmas cards between the years of 1979 and 1983 all feature some Santa Claus imagery. They are whimsical masterpieces from the man who inspired a generation of artists. The cards are in chronological order - left to right, top to bottom.

Note: We're aware that the 1978 card, which features R2-D2 and C-3PO holding wrapped packages in front of a store window, has an image of Santa in the store window as well. But since it's "window dressing" (pun intended yet again), we decided not to include it in our list here.

R2-D2 Reindeer Santa C3PO  Droids in Santa's Workshop

Santa Yoda  Santa Yoda Sleigh

Ewok Santa

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