Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 10 Star Wars Surfing Crossovers

When most people think of Star Wars, summer fun at the beach is not among their first impressions.  But living in Southern California, hitting the waves is simply a part of life for us here at GalacticBinder.  That led us to the question, "Where do we get a Star Wars themed surfboard?"   Two minutes later, this list was born.  Don't worry all you cold weather dwellers, we'll deliver the skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling version when Jack Frost returns.

Honorable Mention
Hang Loose X-Wing Pilot

Hit List: This X-Wing pilot took the opportunity to remind everyone to hang loose.

Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Surfer Hang Loose


Tusken Surfing

Hit List: Talk about a species that must know how to escape the heat! Only thing better would be if the Tusken Raider Surfer was using the Tusken Raider surfboard.

(Tusken board image compliments of JP at - check out his Vader board!)

Tusken Raider Surfer and Surf Board


Darth Surfer

Hit List: Betcha nobody attempts to steal a wave from him!

Darth Vader Surfing



Hit List: The "Surftrooper" logo has become an iconic image in the Star Wars universe - it's popularity soaring when it began adorning T-shirts.

Stormtrooper Surfboard


Return of the Jedi Surfboard

Hit List: This board is really an amazing piece of work - capturing the themes from "Jedi" very well with the inclusion of the Scout Troopers on their speeder bikes and the Ewok Village.

Star Wars Return of the jedi Surfboard


Surfing Imperials

Hit List: Even Scout Troopers and TIE Pilots need a vacation every now and then from hunting Rebel Scum.

Star Wars Scout Trooper TIE Pilot Surfing


A New Hope Surfboard

Hit List: We love old-school Star Wars stuff, and this surfboard homage fits the bill perfectly.

Star Wars A New Hope Surfboard


Stormtrooper Crowd Surfing

Hit List: Okay, so this one is cheating a bit. The top image is of a Stormie crowd surfing at Dragon*Con, while the bottom picture is of a Trooper being passed around at a Cincinatti Bengals game. (Bottom photo courtsey of

Stormtroopers Crowd Surfing


501st Legion Patches

Hit List: Several groups within the The Star Wars 501st Legion have incorporated a surfing theme into their logos and patches. Check out these from the Pacific Outpost and the San Diego Squad.

Star Wars 501st Legion Patches


"Surfer Fett"

Hit List: "Surfer Fett" was created by Marco Nero for the Star Wars Insider magazine. Depicting Boba Fett ripping it up on carbonite... this piece is pure fun. Our only quibble is that Boba is cheating using his rocket pack to keep himself up! (Image courtesy of the "Star Wars Insider" magazine)

Boba Fett Surfing on Carbonite 


Vintage Star Wars Surfboard

Hit List: Why's this #1? Because this vintage surfboard was was the epitome of cool before Star Wars itself was cool.

Vintage Star Wars Surfboard 

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