Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 10 Star Wars Trucks, Buses, Campers and Vans

A friend of mine at work named Jeff said to me recently, "The Millennium Falcon is like the Star Wars version of a cool, old van." After I chuckled, I realized he's right. My mind being what it is, I began to think about how many customized Star Wars vans, trucks, buses and even campers were out there. Well, here's what I uncovered. Just as a side note... cars, motorcycles and SUV's were intentionally excluded from this list.

Honorable Mention
Star Wars Buses

Hit List: Okay, so this honorable mention is kind of cheating. Bus wraps are more advertising tools than true customizations. But hey, they're still extremely cool to see driving down the road!

Star Wars Buses


The "Force" Van

Hit List: We hear Ford's having loads of financial troubles these days. But stooping to this level to sell a van? Bah! You have to love the beat-up back bumper!

Star Wars Force Van


The Fanboys Van

Hit List: Want to go to "light speed" inside a customized Star Wars van? Well, then the van in "Fanboys" is your ride. Check out the clip below to see it in action.

Fanboys Van


The "Power of the Dark Side" Truck

Hit List: Very few customized vehicles tie everything together as well as the back of this customized truck. With the effective use of a great Star Wars quote and a sweet vanity plate... we're feelin' it.

Star Wars Dark Side Truck


Star Wars VW Van

Hit List: Hitting the beach with your board and a babe has never been better than when you pull up in this beauty. Our only quibble is why aren't those Star Wars curtains in the windows?

Star Wars VW Van


Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Truck

Hit List: Now we're talking. This X-Wing fighter pickup truck is just totally sweet. Of course, S-foils are locked in attack position.

Star Wars X-Wing Truck


Darth Maul Phantom Menace Van

Hit List: An amazing piece of art, this van truly captures all the best elements from "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace". The podracer conveys plenty of action, and can imagine looking in your rearview mirror to see Darth Maul staring back at you?

Star Wars Darth Maul Van


Star Wars Tagged Box Truck

Hit List: We're not sure if the owner of this box truck signed off on this or not, but if a tagger hit this truck without permission, he certainly gave it his all!

Star Wars Tagged Box Truck


Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace Rigs

Hit List: For some reason, rigs that feature "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" are all over the web. Here's three of the best, with the top one being our favorite. Check out those Darth Maul horns!

Star Wars Phantom Menace Rigs


The Ultimate Star Wars Camper

Hit List: This Star Wars camper is absolutely brilliant. Just brilliant! There's so many amazing little touches on it, we just fell in love. Check out the lightsaber as the antenna! With R2-D2 majestically navigating from his perch, we'd be proud to take the family camping in this beauty any day.

Star Wars Camper


Pimp My Star Wars Van

Hit List: Now this is some serious jaw-dropping stuff. Expertly tricked out... this van could easily be the product of a Star Wars themed episode of "Pimp My Ride".

Custom Star Wars Van 

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