Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 10 Components of a Star Wars Wedding

It's spring... and love is in the air. And with all that love comes weddings of course! And for some super-fans out there, their wedding is the ultimate place for them to show family, friends and the world just how much The Force is with them as they join together in the next phase of their lives.

But what separates a special Star Wars wedding from just any other wedding? Well, we've got your answers right here. Enjoy!

Before we start and to get you in the mood, check out this awesome Star Wars wedding photo we found at Too cute!

Star Wars Lego Wedding


The Location

Hit List: Do real Star Wars fans get married in a church? Nope. At a country club. No way. And considering both Death Stars got blown up... that leaves their local comic book store. (Thanks to for the pic.)

Star Wars Comic Book Shop Wedding


 The Officiant

Hit List: A priest? A rabbi? We prefer Slave Leia!

Star Wars Mon Calamari Wedding


The Wedding Dress

Hit List: Forget Vera Wang and all those other fancy designers of overpriced wedding frocks. All's you need is Padme's wedding gown and you're ready to walk down the aisle.

Padme's Wedding Dress


The Wedding Party

Hit List: Whether the bride is Bonnie Burton (wink) or some blaster toting chick (no blasters!), the groom is R2-D2 or his groomsmen are all stormtroopers... the wedding party is a real key factor to a great Star Wars wedding.

Star Wars Bride  Stormtrooper Groomsmen
Bonnie Burton Marries R2-D2


The Reception Entrance

Hit List: I once went to a wedding where a Naval Honor Guard all drew their swords for the bride and groom to enter under as they blasted into their reception. That was cool. But lightsabers are cooler!

Lightsaber Wedding Reception  Lightsaber Wedding Reception Entrance


The First Dance

Hit List: Tell Figrin D'an to crank up the Modal Nodes and enjoy your first spin around the dance floor as husband and wife.

Star Wars First Dance


The Cake Toppers

Hit List: Go nuts people! From action figures to AT-ATs and TaunTauns the sky is the limit. We love how the Groom's cake below is the Shield Generator on Hoth!

Han Solo and Princess Leia Cake Toppers  Star Wars Cake Cutting  Star Wars cake toppers


The Cake

Hit List: Okay, so you've got an awesome Star Wars themed cake topper, right? Good. But now for the cake itself. Forget the normal three tiered nonsense and try something like the cakes below on for size! Check out how they tried to "class up" the Death Star Wars cake with all the little tea candles!

R2-D2 Wedding Cake  Death Star Wedding Cake


the Honeymoon

Hit List: Scratch Alderaan off your lis of destinations I guess. But still... you get the idea here.

Star Wars Honeymoon


The Guest List and the Photo Album

Hit List: Fact: It's one thing for the bride, groom and other folks who are in the wedding to take part in the Star Wars fun. But what really makes it a perfect Star Wars wedding is getting your family and friends to get into the spirit. And then top it off by taking lots of pictures of them (it is your wedding after all) to preserve the memories forever!

Star Wars Wedding

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