Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 10 Stormtrooper Crossovers

One of the best things about convention season is getting to experience all of the amazing and creative Star Wars costumes that are on display. Many people pour countless hours into their costumes, attempting to get every last detail spot-on perfect. But then there's another group who's less worried about "screen accuracy" and more concerned about just having fun. These folks delight in bringing crossover and themed costumes to the ball simply to get us to smile. Cosplay at its finest! This list is a salute to some of the best Stormtrooper crossovers around. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention
American Red Cross Stormtrooper

Hit List: One of the more unusual stormtrooper crossover themes is this American Red Cross Trooper. Trust us, when this guy asks you to drop a pint... you listen. Just ask poor C-3PO.

Red Cross Stormtrooper


Santa Trooper

Hit List: Ho! Ho! Ho! The Yoda in the sack of toys is a perfect touch.

Santa Stormtrooper


Saint Patty's Troopers

Hit List: Blarney! If you enjoy a pint of Guiness and a plate of cornbeef and cabbage... these are the stormtroopers you're looking for.

Irish Stormtroopers


"King" Trooper

Hit List: Somewhere a propmaster on a Burger King commercial is in big trouble for "losing" this thing. We dig the Imperial logo necklace. Stormtroopers + Whoppers = costuming gold.

Burger King Stormtrooper


"Peace" Stormtrooper

Hit List: Peace, love and the Imperial way! The irony of this costume is delicious. Too bad the original Woodstock occurred before 1977 because we'd have killed to have witnessed the reaction of those tripping on acid when they saw this trooper.

Peace Stormtrooper


Three Musketeer Troopers

Hit List: All for one and one for all! Athos, Porthos and Aramis have nothing on these troopers. Somewhere Alexandre Dumas is rolling over in his grave.

Three Musketeer Stormtroopers


Sherlock Holmes and Watson Troopers

Hit List: I deduce that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is also rolling over in his grave somewhere. Bah! These guys look terrific!

Sherlock Holmes and Watson Stormtroopers


NFL Stormtroopers

Hit List: Nothing beats season tickets, some nachos, a few beers and sitting next to these guys on Sunday!

Bengals Stormtrooper Colts Stormtroper



Hit List: Please sing along: Spider-Stormie, Spider-Stormie... does whatever a Spider-Stormie can. Spins a web, any size, catches rebels just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Stormie.

Spider-man Stormtrooper


Samurai Stormtrooper

Hit List: Now this is one awesome costume. Not only is it fun and unique, but it has tons of details too. We're not sure what the writing on the banner says, but hopefully it's something Akira Kurosawa would be proud of. After all, Star Wars has its roots in Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress".

Samurai Stormtrooper 


The Elvis Trooper

Hit List: For anyone who's every attended a convention, meeting Kenny the Elvis Trooper is an experience unto itself. He's truly an original and "The King" of crossover stormtroopers. And for all you doubters and haters out there, remember what Elvis always used to say:
"Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes."

Elvis Trooper 

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