Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 12 Star Wars Guitar Crossovers

Star Wars music has a long and storied history in both cinema and the culture of music itself. When most people think "Star Wars music", they immediately think of the wonderful scores of John Williams. But we're not here to discuss that music in this Top List. Instead, we want to rock out a bit and delve into the best Star Wars Guitar Crossovers ever. If you've never considered this unique combination before... you're in for a treat!

Honorable Mention
Chewbacca Roar on Guitar

Hit List: Rrrrrrwwwwrrrr! Nice....


Vader Plays Air Guitar

Hit List: We start with something fun. Since nobody here at GalacticBinder plays the real guitar, we're often relegated to playing the air guitar like good old Darth here. This whimsical image comes to us via Screamdreams101 at Deviant Art. Make sure to head over and check out her entire profile.

Air Guitar Vader


Star Wars Guitar Hero

Hit List: Is there a better way to impress the ladies than by donning your favorite suit of armor, heading out to a local hangout and wailing on some Guitar Hero? We think not...

Darth Vader Clone Trooper Guitar Hero


Star Wars Guitar Picks

Hit List: Cool guitar accessories are as vital as the instrument itself. There are many, many Star Wars themed guitar picks out there - both licensed and unlicensed. Here's a sample of a licensed Yoda pick (by Fernandes) and a very cool Princess Leia pick. These picks are most necessary for maximum shredding capabilities.

Yoda Fernandes Guitar Pick  Princess Leia Guitar Pick


Custom Black Darth Vader Guitar

Hit List: We're not sure who created this guitar, but it's awesome. The sleek black design and the Vader theme go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you get any jelly on your hands, make sure to wash them before even dreaming of picking this beauty up off the stand.

Darth Vader Guitar


Star Wars Guitar Icons

Hit List: These iconic Star Wars characters capture everything truly cool about pairing Star Wars and guitars. Both images totally rock, and we'd love to see them on T-shirts asap! The Leia image is from Heather Castles' blog Illustration Castle, while Darth wielding the double-neck guitar is from TheBlindSniper at Deviant Art.

Princess Leia Guitar  Darh vader Double Guitar


Gnarls Barkley's Guitarist

Hit List: Back in June of 2006, Gnarls Barkley delivered one of the most memorable performance in the history of the MTV Movie Awards. Donning Star Wars costumes, the band performed their hit, "Crazy". According to the crowd's reaction... The Force was with them. Check out their guitarist!

Gnarls Barkley Star Wars


Fernandes Star Wars Guitars

Hit List: Back in 2002, Fernandes Guitars of North Hollywood, California was granted the license to begin producing Star Wars themed guitars. The guitars had very limited editions and carried significant price tags (around $1,300 MSRP). They became instant hits with both Star Wars and guitar collectors around the world.

Fernandes Stormtrooper Guitar  Fernandes Darth Vader Guitar


Anchorhead's Guitarists

Hit List: You haven't heard of Anchorhead? Well, no time like the present to check them out! Based in the U.K. (they claim to be from "Mosh Eisley"), Anchorhead is a Star Wars Metal Band that delivers some thrashing guitar riffs and head banging fun. Hit their MySpace page.


"Sith Rocks" Print By Randy Martinez

Hit List: One of our favorite Star Wars artists, Randy Martinez, created this awesome print for Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles. Titled "Sith- The Power of the Dark Side, Live at the Hollywood Bowl", the print was limited to only 125 copies, measured 27" x 40" and features Darth Maul tearing it up.

Sith Rocks


The Tokyo Rock Trooper

Hit List: Danny Choo, the Tokyo Trooper, is a legend in the city. Famed for his impromptu street performances, there's no one else like him in the world. Look at the shocked, stunned, amazed and confused expressions on those around him in the video!

Japanese Stormtrooper Guitarist  Japanese Stormtrooper Guitarist Rooftop


Autographed Star Wars Guitars

Hit List: The only thing better than a Star Wars guitar is a Star Wars guitar signed by a famous person! Check out this beauty signed by James Earl Jones as well as George Lucas signing this Gibson (photo compliments of The Yoda guitar was part of a charity event at The Phoenix Carnaval and Guitar Gala back in February 2009, which raised money to keep the famed Phoenix building standing and for the musical enrichment of those in Petaluma, California.

Signed Darth Vader Guitar

George Lucas Signing Yoda Guitar


Star Wars Rocks

Hit List: No comment needed. Star Wars does indeed rock!

Star Wars Rocks

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