Star Wars Celebration VII

Top 7 Star Wars Stand-up and Sketch Comedy Sets

The Star Wars films certainly aren't comedies.  Although they contain their fair share of "lighter" moments, it's all about the action.  However, the films have served as fodder for some of the funniest comedians on the planet over the years.  The result is hysterical stand-up and sketch comedy bits that will have you rolling.  We've collected some of our favorites for you here.  Remember... laughter is always the best medicine.  We hear it even works better than a dip in the Bacta tank!

Please note: Many of these videos contain adult language and themes.

Greg Morton Does Star Wars

Hit List: Greg's animated style makes him undeniably dynamic to watch on stage. And we believe he has a bigger mouth than even Chewbacca himself!


Star Wars Stand Up Comic

Hit List: Just another open mike night at Jabba's Palace. Hope the Rancor didn't have a big dinner before this guy went on stage!


Bill Murray Sings Star Wars

Hit List: Quite simply... a classic!


Michael Winslow @Parlor Live Comedy Club Tribute To Star Wars

Hit List: Michael Winslow does a jaw-dropping tribute to Star Wars - utilizing his entire repetoire of amazing skills. (Skip to 3:07 into the video to jump straight to Star Wars portion of the set.)


Star Wars Stand-up Comedy : May They Force It Up You

Hit List: Steve Dix delivers a very well executed, old-fashioned stand-up set with some hysterical "observations" about Star Wars. This set was recorded at Hollywood's Comedy Night, at the Cologne Comedy Festival 2008.


Star Wars Bar With Richard Pryor

Hit List: Richard Pryor revolutionized comedy and remains an icon to this day. In one of the cleaner perfomances of his career, he delivers some gut-busting laughs as he serves patrons in the Star Wars Bar. Forget Wuher... we love Pryor!


Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen

Hit List: Quite possibly the funniest sets Izzard has ever delivered in his career, this set is sublime. P.S. If anyone ever meets "Jeff Vader", please get his autograph for us before he kills you with a tray!

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