Star Wars Celebration VII

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Retailer only events for comic, gaming, toy, trading card, video and specialty store professionals.
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The Canada: Canadian Garrison of the 501st - covering Canada's central and eastern provinces. This garrison includes the Capital City Squad.
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Ken Phipps is an artist and graphic designer who specializes in interactive media, web development, print and illustration. He created designs for the Episode I, Episode II and Episode III Style Guides from Lucasfilm. He also created an amazing limited edition litho for Star Wars Celebration IV.
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A web site for global Chinese fans of Star Wars.
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A Frito-Lay brand company - Cheetos brand snacks have done several Star Wars themed promotions - including the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones "Find the Hero Inside" promotion and the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith "May the Fun Be With You" promotion.
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The blog of comic book artist Michael Atiyeh. Michael has worked on many Star Wars comic book series for Darkhorse.
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Graeme McMillan of io9 reviews the episode "Shadow of Malevolence" from the television series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'.
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(Comments: 0; Listing added: Dec 18, 2008) Listing Details is one of the latest websites from Files Network (known for producing invaluable gaming sites) and is as dedicated as ever to providing gamers with the easiest, fastest, and widest ranging resource possible for LucasArts and Pandemic Studio's Star Wars Battlefront. From skins to mods to current news, Star Wars Battlefront Files aims to be your one and only stop for everything Star Wars Battlefront related.
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Created by Rogue Shindler and Jeff Suess, what began as the musings of two high school friends who shared a love of Star Wars and musicals became a way to avoid homework at college, then finally, unbelievably, an actual stage production.
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Damien McFerran of reviews 'Star Wars: Trench Run'.
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