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Welcome to Use the Force, the only fanlisting approved by The Fanlistings.Org for the wonderful characters from George Lucas' fabulous movie series, Star Wars. This fanlisting is listed in the Characters: Book/Movie category.
Google PageRank: 2/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Apr 18, 2009) Listing Details
Welcome to The Moons of Iego, the first site devoted to the tragic pair from George Lucas' Star Wars epic: Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, who become the parents of classic trilogy heroes Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa.
Google PageRank: 3/10
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The LSW (Lego StarWars) project is a mad project that consists in remaking the "StarWars: A New Hope, episode 4" George Lucas' film with Lego parts, by animating the lego characters frame by frame.
Google PageRank: 3/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Dec 21, 2008) Listing Details
The Daily News gives its take on what to expect from the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' feature film.
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Dec 19, 2008) Listing Details
Graeme McMillan of io9 reviews the episode "Destroy Malevolence" from the television series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'.
Google PageRank: 2/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Dec 18, 2008) Listing Details
Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times covers George Lucas' return to 'Star Wars' with 'Star Wars: The Clones Wars'.
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Dec 18, 2008) Listing Details
Welcome to Corellian Dawn! We're happy to welcome you to our website, a tribute to Star Wars, Tomb Raider, and other adventures. Here, you'll find a mix of cosplay, fan ficion, artworks, and other media you might find interesting if you're a fan of George Lucas' Star Wars universe, other sci-fi and fantasy, or Cyber heroine Lara Croft.
Google PageRank: 1/10
(Comments: 1; Listing added: Sep 1, 2008) Listing Details
Bill Moyers interviews George Lucas in 1999. Lucas and Moyers, at Skywalker Ranch, weigh the power of old stories in a new form. Time in partnership with CNN.
Google PageRank: 4/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Aug 27, 2008) Listing Details
The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) is the world's first museum devoted to the thought-provoking ideas and experiences of science fiction. SFM’s exhibitions promote awareness and appreciation of science fiction literature and media while encouraging visitors to envision new futures for humanity. In the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, the museum pays homage to the most respected of science fiction practitioners—writers, artists, publishers and filmmakers. George Lucas is a member of the Hall of Fame.
Google PageRank: 7/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Jul 4, 2008) Listing Details
Trooper Clerks is a parody mixing the characters from Kevin Smith's CLERKS universe with the settings and characters in George Lucas's Star Wars universe. The end result is a hilarious yet foul-languaged mutlimedia experiment that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of fans.
Google PageRank: 3/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Jun 22, 2008) Listing Details
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