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Star Wars Kidscast is an entertaining and engaging source for both kids and parents to listen in to learn about upcoming products, collectibles and news from the galaxy far, far away.
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Get all the Lego Star Wars news you need in one place!
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(Comments: 0; Listing added: Jun 29, 2011) Listing Details
Star Wars News & Reviews
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Feb 4, 2011) Listing Details
The Underworld is a fast growing fan community for all ages. Chat on the Forums and get the latest news, tidbits and spoilers on your favorite social networking sites.
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Aug 20, 2010) Listing Details
Corellian Run Radio is your route through hyperspace to the latest news on Star Wars: The Old Republicâ„¢. Hosts Carla and Kathy bring a sense of fun to this lively, fast-paced podcast. Also follow them at, and!/group.php?gid=138121676203773.
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Jul 16, 2010) Listing Details
KOTORMMO.NET delivers exclusive content & the latest news about the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG known as "SWTOR" currently being developed by Bioware. We also have a great community as well as many other features!
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 1; Listing added: Jul 27, 2009) Listing Details
Geeks of Doom maintains the goal of bringing geeky entertainment news and features to the masses and to create a haven where the independent geek could voice his/her opinion. There's tons of Star Wars geek news!
Google PageRank: 5/10
(Comments: 1; Listing added: Apr 30, 2009) Listing Details
Bryan Young, the Star Wars Examiner at keeps you up-to-date on all Star Wars news and fun facts.
Google PageRank: 4/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Apr 21, 2009) Listing Details
Search "Star Wars" or "Clone Wars" for a selection of the best ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers. Jamster is a joint venture between News Corporation and VeriSign, Inc. and headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, and Berlin, Germany.
Google PageRank: 0/10
(Comments: 0; Listing added: Sep 23, 2008) Listing Details
Original Prop Blog, LLC is a non-profit venture that publishes articles and features focusing on news, research, opinion/editorials, information, trends, issues, reviews, investigations, interviews, debate, and other content related to celebrating, purchasing, selling, collecting, authenticating, and archiving original props, wardrobe, and other popular culture artifacts from film and television. The Original Prop Blog was created to benefit and serve the public interests of the hobby by advocating for original prop and memorabilia collectors/hobbyists/consumers/archivists as well as the hobby at large. Search for Star Wars for a wealth of information.
Google PageRank: 3/10
(Comments: 1; Listing added: Jul 4, 2008) Listing Details
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