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The TK-1991 website showcases the costumes and props of tooper TK-1991, who proudly serves the Neon City Garrison in Las Vegas, NV (part of the "Fighting 501st" Legion, the premiere Star Wars costuming group in the world).
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Feel free to browse my collection of costumes created for parties, conventions, and other events. Most of my items are recreations of costumes worn in film and television including Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.
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Hi and welcome to my blog! I am TK-8224, a 26 year old girl located in Norway. I am a proud member of the 501st Legion and Nordic Garrison. This blog will show my progress in the building of costumes and the events I attend.
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Welcome to Dressing a Galaxy, the fanlisting for the amazing costumes used in the Star Wars saga, listed at at the Fanlistings Network under the TV/Book/Movie miscellany category.
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(Comments: 0; Listing added: Apr 18, 2009) Listing Details is dedicated to my passionate childhood dream of having my own Star Wars scout trooper/biker scout costume made of paper. I will design that costume first, but my plan is not just Star Wars costumes but other costume as well. This effort is a long term goal, and I'll post step by step how to make the costume with photos and videos and the making progresses.
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This website is dedicated to chronicling HothGirl's adventures in costuming! Check out the Star Wars costumes.
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La 59ème Légion est une association de loi 1901 à but non lucratif, créée en Février 2007. Son siège est basé à Hellemmes, près de Lille, dans le nord de la France. Son but est de rassembler des fans de Star Wars, de faire des animations costumées dans diverses salons et manifestations et de faire vivre la magie de Star Wars au travers de costumes se rapprochant au plus près des films. Elle a aussi pour but de soutenir des actions solidaires en faveur des enfants hospitalisés et das associations caritatives.
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Kamino Base is a chapter of the Rebel Legion, an international Star Wars costuming organization dedicated to creating and owning screen-accurate costumes of the genre’s “good guys”. Formerly apart of Alderaan Base, Kamino was formed in August of 2008, and spans the area of Connecticut and Rhode Island in the New England region of the United States.
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The Omega Wing is an independent group of Star Wars fans focused on the TIE Fighter Pilots' costume. The Omega Wing's mission is to collect and provide the best resources for fans to assemble their own TIE pilot costumes and to interact with other TIE pilot enthusiasts.
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Active forums dedicated to Star Wars. Over 19,000 articles posted by about 700 users. Public images of Vader costumes.
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